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It's a long way to catch up with Inbeom"

Hong Hyun-seok (24, Hent) and Jung Woo-young (24, Stuttgart), who led the Hangzhou Asian Games soccer gold medal, were called by Klinsmann in a month. Those who need to be reborn as the main players in the A national team following the representatives by age group vowed to do their best, citing what needs to be supplemented first.

Hong Hyun-seok was called up to the national team ahead of the second Asian qualifying home game for the 2026 North and Central American World Cup against Singapore on the 16th. Speaking to reporters ahead of training at Mokdong Stadium in Seoul on the 14th, he showed humility to Hwang In-beom (27, Zvezda)'s praise the day before, saying there is still a long way to go. Hwang In-beom praised the rapid growth of young players such as Hong Hyun-seok and Lee Kang-in (22, Paris Saint-Germain) and said it was a blessing to work with them.

Hong Hyun-seok's advantage is that he can play almost all positions in the midfield from central attacking midfielder to holding midfielder. As he grew up as a main player in the Belgian league and experienced European club matches such as the Europa Conference League, his play became more mature. At the same time, competition with Hwang In-beom is naturally being created.

When asked what part of Hwang In-beom's competition should be supplemented, Hong Hyun-seok said, "There are too many things from shooting to side kicks, de-pressurization, and first touches. I'm thinking it's going to take a long time," he said. He added, "First of all, we should focus on going to the World Cup rather than being a main player or acting as an ace." He, who is already experiencing his third Europa Conference League until the 2023-2024 season, said, "I realized that it was important to win the competition without being pushed back by opponents with good physical conditions."

Jung Woo-young, who was the top scorer at the Asian Games, also has to compete fiercely in the A national team. Jung Woo-young mainly plays as a winger, and there are so many outstanding opponents that the second line of the national team is also considered the best ever. He calmly accepted the competition, saying, "It's more motivation than stress."

Jung Woo-young rarely had a chance to play in Freiburg until last season, but he moved to Stuttgart, where coach Sebastian Hönes is located, during the Bayern Munich (Germany) B team, and is increasing his playing time by mainly playing as a central attacking midfielder.

"I was a supporting actor in the previous World Cup, but I think I grew into a leading role through the Asian Games. I will prepare better for this first preliminary round and try to be the main player in the national team."
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Tuesday, November 14, 2023
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