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KCC, the ‘Busan’ team, wins the KBL Cup for the first time in tw

KCC won the championship by defeating Hyundai Mobis 81-76 in the final of the 2023 MG Saemaeul Geumgo KBL Cup held at Wolmyeong Gymnasium in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do on the 15th.

KCC, which reached the top for the first time in the cup competition established in 2020, received 50 million won in prize money.

KCC won the official competition in about two months after leaving Jeonju and moving to Busan at the end of August. In particular, he lifted the trophy at Gunsan Wolmyeong Gymnasium, the second stadium in his old hometown.

Alize DeShawn Johnson won the tournament's Most Valuable Player (MVP), receiving 43 out of 71 votes in the press vote. The MVP prize money is 3 million won.

Johnson performed well on this day with 24 points, 12 rebounds, and 5 assists. Heo Woong (15 points, 5 assists), Choi Jun-yong (11 points, 4 rebounds), Lee Geun-hwi (9 points), and Lee Ho-hyun (7 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists) also did their part.

On this day, the two teams played hot offensive basketball.

In the first quarter, Hyundai Mobis bombarded KCC with Lee Woo-seok (12 points), Gage Prim (10 points), and Kim Tae-wan (7 points), taking a huge lead of 35-15. Hyundai Mobis’ field goal success rate in the first quarter reached 75%.

The atmosphere changed in the second quarter. KCC gave up only 1 point in about 4 minutes, with Geun-Hwi Lee and Jun-Yong Choi hitting 3-pointers, and Johnson and Ho-Hyun Lee adding strength to the attack, trailing the score at 33-36.

Afterwards, with 3 minutes and 11 seconds left in the quarter, Heo Woong's steal followed by Johnson's dunk made the score 42-42.

The two teams competed tightly in a seesaw game. A fierce battle took place in the third quarter, with 4 ties and 5 comebacks.

The game unfolded in a back-and-forth manner in the fourth quarter, when Hyundai Mobis entered the game with a narrow lead of 68-66.

As KCC succeeded in turning the tables with Heo Woong's 3-point shot, Hyundai Mobis turned the tide with Kebe Aluma's 2-point shot. Accordingly, KCC took the lead again with Johnson adding 2 points.

The pendulum of victory gradually swung towards KCC. KCC held off Hyundai Mobis' attack and ran away with a 77-70 score with Heo Woong, Lee Ho-hyun, and Choi Jun-yong scoring in succession. For Hyundai Mobis, shots thrown by Aluma, Lee Woo-seok, and Ham Ji-hoon continued to ignore the rim.

Hyundai Mobis narrowed the score to 73-77 with a 3-pointer by Aluma with 1 minute and 7 seconds left, but KCC immediately finished the win with Lee Ho-hyun and Johnson scoring in a row.
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Monday, November 13, 2023

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