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Double jackpot winner at Liberty Slots Casino

A Liberty Slots Casino player has hit the jackpot not once, but twice in one day. Cindy M, 62, was enjoying some late-night slots play. She’d deposited just $25 and was betting only $.75 per spin on 7x Lucky 7s. On her 41st spin, she hit her first jackpot: $22,432.03. She said she plans to spoil her family over the holidays this year.

7x Lucky 7s is a three-reel slot with a progressive jackpot. It’s part of the Wild X series of three reels that are exclusive to Liberty Slots and the WGS software.

“The jackpot in 7x Lucky 7s is guaranteed to pay out by the time it reaches $25,000,” explained Liberty Slots Casino manager Mark Ramirez. “This random win was close to the maximum payout!”

After a brief celebration, Cindy got some sleep. Itchy for some more excitement, she was back that afternoon, this time playing another Wild X game – Ultimate 10x Wild. This game’s jackpot is also guaranteed to pay out once it reaches $25,000. For the second time in the same day, Cindy hit that jackpot, this time winning $16,470.06 from a $1.50 spin.

“I’ve been playing at Liberty Slots for three years and have had a lot of fun. But this had to be best day I’ve had in a long time!” laughed Cindy when she spoke to Liberty Slots from her home near Searcy, Arkansas. “We’ll use this money to pay some bills, and there’s a few things we need for the house. We’re certainly going to be having a good Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!”
Monday, November 13, 2023

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