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"The most valuable players in the Premier League."

"Transfermarkt" ranked Manchester City offensive duo Erling Holan and Julian Alvarez as the most valuable strikers. Holan played his part in Manchester City's front line last season, where he scored 36 goals in the league alone to become the top scorer in his first season in the Premier League.

This season, Holland has also scored eight goals, showing off his skills. 'Transfermarkt' valued Holan at 180 million euros (about 256.9 billion won). Álvarez is also a big help to Manchester City's attack. Manchester City's "Ace" Kevin De Bruyne left early due to injury this season, but the prevailing assessment is that he is filling the gap well. Álvarez also contributed to his country's victory in the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup. TransferMarkt valued Álvarez at 80 million euros (about W114.2 billion).

Manchester City's Phil Foden, Arsenal's Martin Oedegor and Bukayo Saka were named the most valuable second-line resources by "Transfermarkt." Foden was worth €110 million (W157 billion), Ödegaard was worth €90 million (W128.4 billion) and Saka was worth €120 million (W171.3 billion). Players in charge of midfield for Manchester City and Arsenal were also listed. Manchester City's Rodri rose to 100 million euros (about W142.7 billion) and Arsenal's Declan Rice rose to 100 million euros (about W104.7 billion).

The most valuable defense was also played by Manchester City and Arsenal players. Manchester City's Joschko Gvardiol and Hubeng Dias were worth 80 million euros (about W114.2 billion). Arsenal central defender William Saliba was worth 70 million euros (W99.9 billion). But some players didn't understand the list. It's Manchester United goalkeeper Onana. Onana joined the club ahead of this season in place of David De Gea, who played for Manchester United for 12 years.

However, the performance is somewhat poor. Onana has conceded a whopping 19 goals in 11 games for Manchester United this season. Onana named the most valuable goalkeeper in the Premier League. Of course, the current grades are not completely directly related to the ransom, but even considering this, it is somewhat surprising. Onana's ransom amounts to 40 million euros (about 57.1 billion won)
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Sunday, November 12, 2023
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