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Kim Min-jae Continues To Overwork

Bayern Munich will face Heidenheim in the 11th round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, at 11:30 p.m. on the 11th. Munich is in second place with 26 points 8 wins, 2 draws, 38 losses, 7 losses along with 10 games undefeated.

Prior to the game, the selection lists for both teams were announced. Munich has Manuel Neuer, Dayo Upamecano, Kim Min-jae, Serge Gnabry, Harry Kane, Leroy Sane, Buna Sarr, Thomas Müller, Konrad Reimer, Nusair Mazrawi and Aleksandar Pavlovic on the starting list.

Kim Min-jae is playing the ground without time to breathe. When Dayo Upamecano returned, Matthias the Licht fell this time. Kim Min-jae is constantly in charge of Munich's goal not only in the German Bundesliga but also in the UEFA Champions League UCL.

The last match against Galatasaray was apparently difficult. It was fierce right after kickoff. Both teams exchanged attacks. Galatasaray shot after Mauro Icardi received a penetration pass in the second minute of the first half but was blocked in front of Neuer. Munich was shot by Kane in the fourth minute of the first half but was blocked by the goalkeeper.Munich increased the pressure. In the 13th minute of the first half, Kane connected to Sane with a sensational pass. However, Muslera, who rushed out of the gate, narrowed the angle and blocked it. In the 21st minute of the first half, Sane exchanged passes with Kingsley Coman and shot but missed.

One-sided Munich trend continued. Following Jamal Musiala in the 27th minute of the first half, Sane shot consecutively in the 30th minute of the first half. However, he was often blocked by the goalkeeper or turned away from the goal. Galatasaray calmly defended Munich, wary of penetration into the back space. There was a bad news. In the 39th minute of the first half, Musiala sent a replacement sign. Tuchel responded with Mueller's input. The score didn't go off for the rest of the time.The first half ended 0-0.

Galatasaray has a chance. Counterattack after blocking Munich's attack in the second minute of the second half. Aktürkolu and Icardi tried to work together, but they were blocked by Upamecano. Munich swallowed the disappointment. In the seventh minute of the second half, Kane put his foot on Coman Cross but hit the post. The balance seemed to be broken. In the 16th minute of the second half, Icardi shook off Kim Min-jae and spilled the ball with his head. Torreira, who caught the second ball in the center, calmly pushed it in to break the net. However, the score was canceled as it was confirmed that Icardi, who competed with Kim Min-jae in the previous scene, committed an offside.

Galatasaray took out Ziyech, Icardi and Aihan and put in Barsh Alper Ilmaz, Tete and Sergio Oliveira in turn. Munich replaced Upamecano and Sane with Reimer and Tell. But the score was still the same. Galatasaray brought in Angelino and Zaha, and scored Viktor Nelsson and Cedric Bakambu to play the game.

At last there was a roar. The main character was Munich. A free kick near the box in the 35th minute of the second half. Kimmich Cross headed to center. Kane, who was looking for a chance between defenses, scored the first goal. Initially, offside was declared, but there was no problem with VAR.

The gap widened. In the 41st minute of the second half, Galatasaray's touch miss developed into a Munich counterattack. Kane passed to Mueller and then penetrated. After going through Müller and Tell, the connected cutback reached Kane again and became a multi-goal as it was. Galatasaray chased with a Bakambu goal in extra time in the second half, but nothing more. In the end, the game ended with Munich's 2-1 victory.

Kim Min-jae looked tired. The same was true of Bakambu's chasing goal scene. Kim Min-jae, who would never be pushed back by speed, but he felt heavy in his steps. On top of that, as left fullback Davis overlaps to a high position, the defensive area that needs to be covered is basically wide. Kim Min-jae, who has been running without time to breathe since joining Munich, felt a physical burden.

It was perfect except for the loss scene. The main stops include 70 ball touches, 90% pass success rate 60 attempts-56 attempts, 50% long ball success rate 4 attempts-2 attempts, 4 clear, 1 intercept, and 1 tackle. Soccer statistical media "Sopa Score" gave Kim Min-jae 6.7 points, and "Foot Mob" had 7 points. Both media evaluated that it was easy for Kim Min-jae.

The murderous schedule continues. Munich face Heidenheim in the last game before A Match Day. Kim Min-jae, who started again this time, will join the South Korean national team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann after the end of the game and face Singapore 11. 16. 20:00 and China 11. 21. 21:00. Both Munich and South Korea need to find a way to take care of Kim Min-jae.
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Sunday, November 12, 2023
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