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Pocono Downs' Mohegan Sun reports results

Pocono Downs' Mohegan Sun is trying to be realistic after an impressive weekend. Weekend earnings rose to $35 million over the start weekend from $20 million over the last two weekends. The casino earned $1.4 million after everyone was paid (operating expenses, state taxes, etc.). It's not bad for a weekend shift. Ninety percent of the bets were paid in jackpots and half of the rest was paid in state taxes.

The new casino has nearly 2,500 slot machines, nearly double what was in the middle of the gambling house while the new casino opened. The new service also includes shopping, hotels, and other amenities around the racecourse. The entire facility is open 24 hours a day and offers shopping and harness racing with daily mail hours. This is clearly comparable to the new casino, which finally opened a few years after a temporary slot facility to host games.

To support the increased revenue and what these figures are expected to continue, a job fair just held at Downs allowed about 5,000 job seekers to support everything from housework to bartending to security operations. Currently, approximately 1,600 people are employed (casino and 360 other occupied retail and food operations) and 700 jobs are expected to be filled for the opening of the new casino complex. This comes at a time when unemployment is rising across the country and it's helping the community relationship in casinos.

The Mohigan Line is praised for bringing more than just money to surrounding communities. They helped bring attention to local issues such as immigration and light rail transportation and helped donate to charity. The investment itself, and the approximately $200 million-plus, demonstrates not just cheap prefabricated components, but also the quality and commitment to the community using local skilled craftsmen. All of this goes unnoticed by the community who appreciate the business that is interested in helping the community that has allowed them to move in.

Some surrounding casinos say their opening weekend earnings are down, but they need to make a profit that's. Open Weekends People may never venture there again because it's not a weekend, but surely people may have chosen such a festival just out of uniqueness. Weekend bets at Mount Airy Casino Resort fell to $25 million at the opening weekend from $28 million at the previous weekend and $33 million at the July 4 weekend. It's not a huge decline, but it's a level of concern if this trend continues. There are no figures or reports of employee competitiveness.
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Sunday, November 12, 2023
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