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"The left-handed pitchers were good."

Japan's APBC national team, led by head coach Hirokazu Ibata, lost 0-1 in a warm-up match against Yomiuri in Miyazaki, Japan, on the 10th. Manager Ibata said, "The pitchers threw their balls to some extent. I watched the combination of the batters," he said.

In Japan's APBC national team, right-hander Yuji Akahoshi (Yomiuri) took the mound as the starting pitcher in the warm-up match. Japanese media reported that Akahoshi is likely to be the starting pitcher for the first game against Taiwan on the 16th. Akahoshi allowed four hits, three strikeouts and one run in three innings against his former Yomiuri teammate. After one out in the third inning, he had consecutive hits, caught two outs and allowed a timely hit and lost a point.

Left-hander Sumida pitched as the second pitcher. He pitched 30 pitches in two innings, allowing one hit, one walk, three strikeouts and no runs. He hit a double after one out in the fourth inning, but he overcame the crisis with a strikeout, walk and strikeout. The fifth episode is a three-way exit.

Another left-hander, Takahisa Hayakawa (Rakuten), took the mound in the sixth inning and recorded two hits, no walks and one strikeout in three innings. Yokohama Rikuto (Chiba Lotte) took the mound in the ninth inning and blocked it with two strikeouts and a perfect score in the first inning.

Japan's APBC national team has Kyota Fujiwara (left fielder), Yuki Okabayashi (center fielder), Kaito Kozono (second baseman), Shugo Maki (designated hitter) Akihiro Yuto (first baseman), Chusei Manami (right fielder), Shogo Sakakura (catcher), Kadowakimakoto (striker) and Nomura (third baseman) as the starting lineup. The starting lineup was not an elite member as Hanshin batters who finished the Japanese series did not play in the warm-up match.

In the first inning, with one out and runners on first and second bases, Maki, the fourth batter, destroyed the chance with a double play to second base. In the second inning, back-to-back hits came with two outs and runners on first base, and the first Fujiwara stepped down with a fly ball to first base.

In the ninth inning, the leadoff hitter got on base due to a Yomiuri third baseman's error, two outs later, Mannami hit a left-handed hit, and Koga Yuto walked to load the bases with two outs, and Kadowaki was out with a fly ball to left field and lost 0-1.

Japanese media said, "Akahoshi recorded a maximum speed of 150km in his first appearance in about a month," and Akahoshi threw well. It was good to throw all the pitches," he said.

Lee Jin-young, QC coach of the Korean APBC national team, watched in person and analyzed the Japanese national team's performance. According to local media, coach Lee Jin-young cited the names of left-handers Sumida and Hayakawa, who recorded no runs, and said, "Left-handed pitchers are good. Hayakawa-e Sumida and Imai are also good. Japan is a good pitcher," he said.

Japanese media reported that Imai Tatsuya (Seibu), who was selected for the national team as a wild card, is likely to be the starting pitcher for the final match. He joined Seibu in the first round of the 2016 rookie draft and has a 3.69 ERA in 110 games. He pitched in 19 games this season and recorded 10 wins, 5 losses and an ERA of 2.30.

Sumida, who is likely to start the match against Korea on the 17th, said, "(The competition) is a one-shot match. I want to get better," he said. Sumida joined Seibu in the first round of the 2021 rookie draft. Last year, Sumida had one win, 10 losses and an ERA of last year. This year, he pitched in 22 games and was active with 9 wins, 10 losses and a 3.44 ERA. There have been two complete wins.
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Friday, November 10, 2023

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