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A surprise gift from Na Yoon Jeong and Park Ji Hyun for Kim Jong

Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 Women's Professional Basketball Asan Woori Bank and Bucheon Hana One Q in the first round held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 9th. Before the game, Na Yoon-jung and Park Ji-hyun moved busily with a large box. They gave cookies in boxes to field officials, Hana One Q players, and fans as gifts. This is for Kim Jong-un, his former teammate who moved to Hana One Q in the offseason.

Kim Jong Un is like a veteran player with not only skills but also leadership. Na Yoon-jung and Park Ji-hyun also relied heavily on Kim Jong-un since their rookie years. To them, Kim Jong Un was more than just an older sister. However, Kim Jong-un, who qualified as a free agent (FA), has now met as an enemy on the court as he built a new nest at Hana One Q instead of staying at Woori Bank.

In response, Na Yoon-jung and Park Ji-hyun presented cookies to Hana One Q officials, players, and fans to take care of Kim Jong-un. On the cookie, there's a picture of yourself. "Please take good care of Jeongeun!" There was a comment saying, "Puppy and Nadal..." Puppy is Park Ji-hyun and Nadal is Na Yoon-jung's nickname. It is said that even Kim Jong-un had no idea about Park Ji-hyun and Na Yoon-jung's surprise gifts.

Na Yoon-jung said, "I came to the professional and lived with (Kim) Jung-eun since I was a rookie. It's my first time facing each other. Maybe that's why I felt weird. Since my sister moved the team, I thought about what I could do for her, so I prepared it with (Park) Ji-hyun. We both looked into cookies and sticker production," he said, explaining why he prepared the gift.

Park Ji-hyun said, "I'm very close to Jeong-eun. It's the opening game of Hana One Q Home, so I prepared it to mean that I look forward to your sister. I thought it would be better to give gifts to Hana One Q fans than my sister," he said.

The atmosphere was warm before the game, but he did his best to win his team on the court. Park Ji-hyun (21 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists) and Na Yoon-jung (11 points, 2 three-pointers, 2 rebounds) performed impressively and took the lead in Woori Bank's 57-53 victory. Kim Jong-un shone despite his defeat with 13 points, four rebounds and two assists. After the game, we hugged and greeted the Woori Bank players one by one.

Na Yoon-jung said, "Jeong-eun is so special to Ji-hyun and me that words can't describe it. She's an older sister and senior that I relied on a lot. Now it's a different team, but I hope my sister doesn't get hurt for the rest of her career. And I really hope you play happy basketball," he said, leaving a word of support for Kim Jong-un.

Park Ji-hyun said, "I will be an enemy on the court like today (9th), but I, Yoon-jung, and Woori Bank players are all cheering for Jung-eun too much. I always learn a lot from you. I hope this season will end well without injury," he said.
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Thursday, November 9, 2023
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