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Dinosaurs’ bat tension has dropped?

Moreover, NC carried out a super march called Changwon-Incheon-Changwon-Suwon-Changwon during this period. We moved to Suwon again on the 4th for the 5th game. Club officials also say it is difficult, not to mention the players who are playing in person. The fatigue from 144 regular season games is already at the base.

In other words, for NC, the results of the 3rd and 4th playoff games were results, but it was painful that the content was lethargic. Typically, we have seen all the side effects of teams that have played in the postseason for a long time. Pitchers lose their balance and their control shakes. The swing speed of hitters begins to slow down.

When we kept winning, we had fun running without knowing that it was going to be difficult, but when we lost the 3rd game of the playoffs on the 2nd to KT, the momentum changed completely. We scored 2 points at the end of Game 4, but we were too helpless. Playoff team batting average 0.204. Of course, the players will travel to Suwon on the 5th to rest, and if the game on the 6th is canceled due to fall rain, they will rest again.

However, even if you rest for two days in a row, your fatigue will not be 100% recovered. No matter what NC shows in Game 5, it cannot be criticized. In any case, NC is slightly behind KT in terms of objective power. He deserves applause just for running this far.

However, NC may have felt that its structural limitations needed to be corrected and supplemented. This is the starting lineup. KT has three aces: William Cuevas, Wes Benjamin, and Go Young-pyo. There are also decent starting pitchers like Bae Jeong-seong and Eom Sang-baek. On the other hand, NC, which relies heavily on Eric Peddy, ultimately lost to KT in the starting battle. Tanner Turley pitched well in Game 3, but starter Song Myung-ki collapsed in Game 4. And Shin Min-hyuk, not Peddie, is responsible for the final game in Game 5. 

NC has no suitable way to respond. They covered it with batting until the second game, but it is not easy to expect that at this point, so the weaknesses of the starting lineup stand out. Of course, KT's starting lineup is unrivaled in the league. However, for NC, the most important task was to stabilize the starting lineup through this postseason.

Shin Min-hyuk's discovery is definitely a harvest. In the postseason, Pedi was benchmarked and upgraded. Although more verification is needed, baseball history shows that successful experiences in short-term games provide nutrients for growth. Competitiveness will be tested once again in the 5th game. In the end, the real concern going forward is the 4th and 5th starters. Lee Jae-hak, Choi Seong-young, Song Myeong-ki, Lee Yong-jun, etc. will need to fight hard next year.

If Koo Chang-mo returns healthy next year, the quality of the starting lineup will improve significantly. However, Koo Chang-mo's health risk is not conducive to establishing long-term stability in the starting lineup. NC needs to view Koo Chang-mo as a bonus and make a long-term commitment to discovering and nurturing native starters. It is a difficult task, but if this is resolved, the conditions will be created for him to quickly run to the presidency in the future.년-11월-스포츠-토토사이트-순위-및-추천-사설토토-먹튀검증-top15-news-328577
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Monday, November 6, 2023

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