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Accidents in the sports world also have their own interpretation

When Journeyman created the Sports Athlete Protection Research Institute (Director Choi Ik-seong), people spoke. “What is the Sports Athlete Protection Research Institute? “Choi Ik-seong protects the players?”

I took the initiative to create the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (KPA). Recently, while writing a series of columns about Park Seok-min, Choo Shin-soo, Kang Jeong-ho, and Kang Baek-ho (Choi Ik-seong's head-on attack), I tried to represent the players' position. I tried not to be biased towards one side.

●I support Park Seok-min's choice [Choi Ik-seong's head-on breakthrough] November 9, 2021

●Why Park Seok-min's 'Last Dance' is important [Choi Ik-seong's head-on breakthrough] December 20, 2022

●Choo Shin-soo's Ahn Woo-jin remarks, reasons for supporting [Choi Ik-seong’s frontal breakthrough] January 23, 2023

● Let’s not force Choo Shin-soo to apologize and explain [Choi Ik-sung’s frontal breakthrough] March 1, 2023

● “Let’s not leave out Kang Baek-ho.” His tension was a factor in winning the Korea-Japan match [Choi Ik-sung’s frontal breakthrough] Breakthrough] March 10, 2023

● Let’s give Kang Jeong-ho one last chance [Choi Ik-seong’s head-on breakthrough] April 15, 2022, etc.

Even juniors who have dominated an era like Choo Shin-soo and Park Seok-min are prone to criticism and witch hunts. Athletes from unpopular sports will be added to the list. There will be more examples.

Following the Professional Baseball Players Association, the Sports Player Protection Research Institute signed a business partnership agreement (MOU) with the Korea Professional Soccer Players Association and decided to speak with one voice in protecting players. Both organizations declared that they will work to protect the rights of soccer players as well as to prevent other athletes in all domestic sports from being harmed.

In proportion to the development of the sports industry, player protection measures should be established in baseball and soccer as well. Compared to the United States and Europe, our sports scene does not yet provide protection to athletes. No one will do it. There are limits no matter who you ask for help. You have to gather your strength. The players have to go through it on their own.

I was also a professional baseball player. Ultimately, it is our job. If a player doesn't help others, he doesn't help anyone. The reason I established the Sports Athlete Protection Research Institute was to ultimately create an athlete protection program.

‘Athletes’ are the most important axis of the sports market. The game begins only when there are players. Protecting them is not something that only comes into play when something untoward happens. Before that, I want to create a study system that can protect myself.

So far, we have only followed the rules established by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism or the association. Now, professional athletes must take the lead and create a protection program. That way, even elementary, middle, and high school amateurs can watch and learn. It is also possible to recognize the top down rather than the top down and move up from below.

So far, the atmosphere of only exercising is still the same. Elite athletes repeat training like machines. Train at a set time from morning to night, from waking up to going to bed. To become a professional, you have to live a structured life like that for more than 10 years.

Let’s say you become a professional player and represent the national team. Afterwards, he was unable to adapt when he came out into general society rather than the sports world. If the opponent attacks you with the intention of defrauding you, it is easy to fall for it. Nam Hyun-hee's case also seems to have that aspect. Kwon Soon-woo also caused controversy over his bad manners at the Asian Games because he only played sports. Also, in today's world, things that would have been overlooked in the past are revealed one by one through social media.

When an accident occurs in sports, the person involved must pay the price. If there is a sin, it must be accepted. However, unnecessary misunderstandings need to be prevented. And there must be an interpretation that only sports people in the sports world can see. This is an insider's perspective. If there is something that needs understanding from the public, that must also be made known.

However, the Sports Athlete Protection Research Institute does not aim for unconditional athlete protection. I have no intention of covering up my sin. However, although I am receiving criticism now, there are several cases where I was found not guilty a year later, so I will not hesitate to express a new opinion.

So, as the director of the Sports Athlete Protection Research Institute, I plan to defend if there is a possibility of 90 to 10 rather than 100 to 0, just as there is little 100% fault in a traffic accident. We will be together with sports people. Nam Hyun-hee's case could be the first case.

In the future, we plan to join forces with not only baseball and soccer but also other sports to hold a player protection forum this winter. If an issue arises, as in the case of Nam Hyun-hee, we will also present a sportsperson's solution to the issue. We ask for your encouragement and interest.
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Monday, November 6, 2023

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