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Kim Gwang-soo, Lotte bench coach,

On the 2nd, the Lotte Giants made another surprise announcement following the appointment of coach Kim Tae-hyung.

It was news that Ilguhoe President Kim Gwang-soo, who had temporarily stepped down from the active front line, would be recruited as the first team bench coach. Although he is coach Kim Tae-hyung's senior, he has worked with the Doosan Bears as a player and coach for quite some time, and after a long time, they have joined forces in Seoul and Busan. It is true that 56-year-old coach Kim Tae-hyung requested help from 64-year-old coach Kim Kwang-soo, but it seems clear that Chairman Kim Kwang-soo's decision to readily respond to the request for help was also unusual.

In this way, the two seniors and juniors chose another challenge.

So, what happens to Ilguhoe when Chairman Kim Kwang-soo is absent? As he leaves for the field, he may wonder whether there will also be a change of chairman. Accordingly, Secretary General of Ilguhoe Gyeong-baek said, "Even if the president returns to the field, there are no restrictions on performing his duties. Chairman Kim Gwang-soo's term will continue as is," emphasizing that he can serve as both president and field coach of Ilguhoe. did.

This is possible because Ilguhoe itself is a non-profit association made up of retired professional baseball players. Therefore, being elected as president does not mean an official salary, and the main role is to provide support and advice to current players so that they can continue their careers smoothly. Therefore, there is no problem with continuing to serve as president.

President Koo Kyung-baek continued, "Nowadays, we have a well-equipped electronic approval system, so if there is a subject to report, decisions can be made at any time through email or SNS. Considering that, even if the president goes as a coach, the work will be carried out without any problems. “You can do it,” he emphasized again.

Kim Kwang-soo, the new Lotte bench coach, was elected as the president of Ilguhoe in February of last year, and his term runs until February 2025.
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Monday, November 6, 2023

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