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In Victory, Reflection Comes First

Heungkuk Life, which has strengthened amid difficulties, responded to the fans' support with victory. However, it was more regrettable than satisfaction.

Heungkuk Life, led by head coach Marcello Avondanja, won three points in a set score of 3-1 26-24 25-15 25-19 28-26 against IBK in the first round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Women's Division at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 4th.

Yelena Mrazenovic registered name Yelena, the team's main gun, produced the most 19 points with scores, while Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Mi-yeon also lived up to the team's expectations with 17 and 11 points, respectively. Reina Tokoku registered name Reina, who once again turned into a middle blocker following the previous game, scored nine points, which also helped the team. Park Eun-seo, who was deployed as a one-point server in the fourth set, shook the opponent's receiving line with a sharp serve.

However, if you look at the contents of the game, there are not a few regrets except that there were more serve aces 9 than the opponent 3. In particular, the lack of concentration of the players remained a challenge as they committed 32 mistakes.

"Ace" Kim Yeon-koung was no exception. Heungkuk Life gave one more point due to Kim Yeon-kyung's 16-18 invasion of the center line in the middle of the fourth set, when it was being dragged 16-18, and Kim Yeon-kyung made a mistake while trying to turn the ball over to the third tier in 16-20. The gap between the two teams widened to 16-21 in an instant, and the game seemed to enter five sets.

However, after Park Eun-seo, who stepped on the court at 17-21, scored a serve ace, Raina scored consecutive points, and the gap completely disappeared as Kim Yeon-kyung scored with an open attack. Heungkuk Life, which eventually succeeded in reversing the atmosphere, ended the game at 26-26 with Kim Yeon-kyung's quick open and Britney Abercrombie's registered name Abercrombie.

After the game, coach Avon Danza also said, "Strangely, he showed good performance against GS Caltex on the 31st of last month, but he failed to maintain that performance in today's game. "I think we need to find a way to keep it steady, including the mental part," he said. "Every moment, I think my concentration is a little low. "When you become too calm or when the game doesn't work out as you want, you seem to have ups and downs due to lack of concentration," he said. "A lot of mistakes seem to have an effect. "There may be some technical parts, but I think it basically comes from the toss or the concentration of the defense," he expressed regret.

The veteran's idea was no different. Kim Yeon-kyung, who headed to the interview room with Raina and Park Eun-seo, said, "Overall, I don't think my performance has come out at all. "I think there were some areas where the team was shaken, and I think we played a difficult game in many ways," he said.

What did the players talk about. Raina, who replaced him with a middle blocker rather than an outside heater in two consecutive games, said, "I thought the team was losing in the same pattern, so I talked a lot about focusing again. There were some games that were reversed while continuing to play, so we decided to do what we were confident of each other, he said. "It's not a familiar position, so there are some parts that confused the team with awkward plays, but I paid a lot of attention in terms of defense."

Park Eun-seo, a one-point server who changed the flow, said, "I think the coach was trying to hit the serve he wanted, and I went in with a mind to get one ball. I think I practiced a lot on serve or defense to help the team somehow," he said. "It's better to go on the court. I think I'm still in the learning stage, so I want to do something, and I want to serve strongly among them," he said.

Heungkuk Life won five games except for the 2-3 defeat in the set score against Jeonggwanjang, but is still not satisfied. Kim Yeon-kyung said, "I finished the first round first because I managed the points well, but I think I need to make up for it a little more because it was too good when it was good and bad when it was bad. I think I should play the rest of the game while thinking about my physical strength because I'm continuing to play the game," he said.
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Sunday, November 5, 2023

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