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Pedi followed Plutco's path, making Cuevas even greater

Pedi followed Plutco's path, and Cuevas looks even more amazing.

In the end, Peddie will not start in Game 5 of the playoffs. He made a decision that was more about his future than the team.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced KT Wiz Benjamin and NC Dinos Shin Min-hyuk as the starters for Game 5 of the playoffs to be held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 5th.

NC's 2 wins in a row, and KT's 2 wins in a row. The series was tied. The atmosphere is definitely KT’s side. We rode the momentum of a ‘reverse sweep’. While he was superior in the physical battle, the batters were starting to find their senses.

NC had to trust ‘Ace’ Peddie, who was likely to be the regular season MVP. A ‘super ace’ with 20 wins and 200 strikeouts. He already surprised the KT team with his overwhelming pitching in the first game. No matter how low my stamina was, I could still aim for victory in the 5th game if Pedi came out.

But what is this? The NC selection is Shin Min-hyuk, not Peddie. The plan was to rest for 5 days after the first game, but Peddie's name did not come up.

Coach Kang In-kwon hinted at the fact that Peddie did not appear on the mound after Game 4. He said the player was not in 100% condition. The fact that the coach made this comment ahead of the final 5th game, which he had to risk his life to win, effectively meant that he would not appear on the mound.

What kind of coach or official would refuse to take the mound as an ace in a game of destiny? In the end, the player said he would not be able to go up to the mound. Peddie missed the wild card game and semi-playoff due to an injury suffered on his forearm when hit by a batted ball at the end of the regular season. In fall baseball, he pitched just one game, Game 1 of the playoffs. Hitting injuries were also a problem, but what was more serious was that Peddie complained of fatigue in his shoulder.

If he hadn't suffered a fracture or other injury, he would have been able to hold back and throw. But Peddie is eyeing his major league return next season. If you overdo it and get injured, your plans may be ruined. If he thinks of his life in NC strictly as a business, he will consider his health as his top priority, regardless of the desperate team situation.

The LG Twins have already gone through a difficult time with foreign ace Plutko. He complained of a pelvic contusion and had not pitched since August 26. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop sent Plutko back to the U.S. early and prepared for the Korean Series. He reasoned that if a pitcher had no intention of throwing anyway, it would be better in many ways to prepare without him.

It is clear that Peddie fulfilled his duties as a player much better than Plutko, but it is also true that he does not come out at the last moment, which makes many people lose their strength.

Looking at it this way, KT ace Cuevas looks great. This fall brought back memories of coming out and fighting hard in the first place game of the regular season after a two-day break in 2021. When the team was in crisis, he took only 3 days off and took the mound in the 4th game of the playoffs, leading the team to victory. It is a ‘loyalty’ to the team that is hard to find among foreign players coming to Korea recently.
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Saturday, November 4, 2023

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