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"Debs Volleyball."

OK Financial Group succeeded in leapfrogging Woori Card, the leader who was seeking six consecutive wins in the opening round and a victory in the first round. In the absence of Cha Ji-hwan's injury, Song Hee-chae and Shin Ho-jin also played a role in relieving the burden of "main gun" Leo's attack.

OK Financial Group played a home game against Woori Card in the men's 2023-24 V-League at Ansan Sangnoksu Indoor Gymnasium on November 3 and won with a set score of 3-0 (25-23, 26-24, 25-). OK Financial Group maintained fourth place in the league with four wins, one loss and 10 points, behind third-place Korean Air (10 points).

On the same day, OK Financial Group was able to completely defeat the lead as Leo, who scored 21 points and 55.88% of the attack success rate, and Shin Ho-jin's card, who scored 13 points, were right. Song Hee-chae also contributed to the team's victory with 12 points.

After the game, OK Financial Group massage coach Ogino said, "We prepared various operations in preparation for simulating opponent attacks through video meetings. Middle blockers followed well because the opponent's toss was high. He also scored well today in a clutch situation. Leo and Song Hee-chae were there, but they needed Shin Ho-jin's strength today. I made a great contribution to the team. I think it was an opportunity for our team's player base to grow thicker. We will continue to maintain the direction of giving various players a chance to play in the future," he said, expressing his feelings of victory.

Song Hee-chae, who played his first game against his team just before the trade, said after the game, "I felt like my will was burning(laughs). I tried to hold back my excitement though. It was a fun day, even though he played a less aggressive role while even (Kim)Hojin was good. I've been giving up the first set recently, but I felt confident that I could win against the leading team by bringing the first set with good rhythm today. No matter who comes in, I believe all of our team's players can play their part," he stressed.

Song Hee-chae then said, "It's a pity that (Cha) Ji-hwan, who shows good attack, was injured and I hope he comes back soon." Since an aggressive player is away, I hope other players will take the burden off Leo's attack, thinking it's an opportunity. In today's game, the opponent's ball flew a lot with the relatively prepared blocking and defensive line, making it easier to counterattack. The director would have liked that part because it worked out well, he said with a smile.

Shin Ho-jin, who was notified of his starting role at the meeting on the day of the game, said, "It was my first time playing as a main player in the league, and it was a moment when I was full of excitement rather than nervous." The director asked me to help Leo hit him more comfortably, but I'm glad I played that role a little bit today. Rather than feeling pressure, he trusted other brothers and played. Since he is pushed from the height, he tries to attack the opponent's blocking wall by utilizing his speed. He is also trying to play a role in raising the atmosphere when he enters the court. In the future, we will gradually make up for the shortcomings and save the opportunity," he said emphatically.
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Friday, November 3, 2023

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