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Cambodia casino reopens amid reverse listing

Cambodia's Roxy Casino has just opened after remodeling and remodeling. The asset will now be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange through shell company Cell Aquaculture Ltd as part of the reverse listing process.

In a filing with the Australian Stock Exchange, Cell Aquaculture said Roxy Casino had a soft-open in Babette City, Svairing, yesterday.

The casino will be open 24 hours a day, the company said.

The Roxy Casino has a main game hall with 15 game tables and 8 online game tables, and a premium game space with 5 tables.

The casino also has a sports betting space that focuses on slot machines and international football matches.

Accommodations include a four-star hotel with 20 rooms and restaurants.

Roxy Casino is about 200 meters from Cambodia to the South Vietnamese border.

"It is close to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's largest city, making it the most important market for Vietnamese locals to Loxy Casino," Sel Aquaculture says. Babet is 87 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

"Marketing programs and promotions have been created to target this major market, including attracting junkets from Vietnam."

The population of Vietnam is about 92.5 million. There are several casinos in the country, but authorities prohibit accepting Vietnamese gamblers unless they have a foreign passport.

In Cambodia, locals are banned from gambling in casinos, but media reports say the "no locals" policy is only loosely enforced.

Cell Aquaculture is currently involved in a deal that uses Roxy Casino as its shell to ultimately list on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Cell Aquaculture announced in March that it had agreed with Novel Rate Ltd, Tang Dashun and Beijing Properties (Holdings) Ltd to acquire Roxy Casino and Haikou Free Trade Zone Project on China's Hainan Island for A$553 million ($76.8 million). The deal, which will be completed by July, will ultimately give companies control of the company.

Originally a marine agricultural company, the cell aquaculture company went into administration in November 2012. Last September, the company successfully raised A$3,000,000 and resumed trading on the Australian Stock Exchange.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2023
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