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“A player shines brightest when he is on the court” Hoyoung Yoon

Ho-young Yoon left the court and left a final greeting to his juniors.

The 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang professional basketball match between Wonju DB and Busan KCC was held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 28th. At halftime, DB one-club man Yoon Ho-young's retirement ceremony was held. Yoon Ho-young, who joined Dongbu in 2008 and played for Wonju for 15 years, announced his retirement at the end of last season. DB held a retirement ceremony at the home opener of the new season, marking the end of the one-club man's life.

Hoyoung Yoon, whom we met after the retirement ceremony, said, “I was so nervous about the retirement ceremony. I feel more comfortable running on the court. I was holding back my tears well, but without realizing it, my eyes became red. “I was very nervous,” he said.

This summer, Hoyoung Yoon went to the United States for a brief training trip. Currently spending time with his family, he plans to take leadership classes at Sungkyunkwan University under coach Kim Sang-jun, who was his teacher during his college days. He later plans to go back to the United States for leadership training.

“I went on a short training trip to the United States. She learned many things and returned well, and now mainly spends time with her family. Director Kim Sang-jun of Sungkyunkwan University was my teacher during my college days. He wanted to take leadership classes, so he contacted the director. There is no separate position. I'm going there purely to learn how to teach players. “Afterwards, I plan to go to the United States again for leadership training.” These are the words of Hoyoung Yoon.

DB, which had been trailing by 18 points to KCC until the first half of the day, showed concentration in the second half and achieved a thrilling comeback win, 101-90. The juniors left a great gift of victory to one-club man Yoon Ho-young on his final journey.

Hoyoung Yoon said, “This is the first time since I was in high school that I watched a game from the stands. Towards the end of his career, he kept getting injured, so he ended up sitting outside and watching the game (laughter). Watching the game brought back a lot of memories from the past. “I thought he had put it down a bit, but I felt once again that he really enjoyed playing on the court.”

Lastly, Hoyoung Yoon left a greeting to his juniors and fans. He said, “I don’t want my juniors to be sick all the time. A player shines best when he is on the court. I hope he takes good care of his body and always shines on the court. I am also very grateful to the fans who have supported me so far. I think I played basketball happily because I received passionate support. “I will work harder from now on, so please support me a lot,” he said with a smile.
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Saturday, October 28, 2023

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