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Best batting match' fans were happy

Changwon NC Park opened in 2019. We have never welcomed ‘autumn guests’.

The home team NC was not poor. In 2020, NC achieved integrated victory. However, due to the spread of 'COVID-19' at the time, the postseason was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, a neutral stadium. Although NC has a home stadium that prides itself on being a ‘major league-level facility,’ it was unable to create memories of winning.

NC, where fall baseball was missed by a narrow margin for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022.

Under the new coach Kang In-kwon, the team finished fourth this season and began the first fall baseball season in NC Park history.

We were hoping for 3rd place, but we were disappointed as we lost both of the last 2 games. Although they failed to advance directly to the semi-playoffs, the ‘first fall at N-Pac’ was enough to make the hearts of Changwon NC fans tremble.

NC coach Kang In-kwon also expressed his support, saying, "It's a special feeling to play fall baseball for the first time at Changwon NC Park. We have to repay the team with a win, so we will do our best to play the game." Captain Son Ah-seop also expressed his excitement about the first fall baseball game at home, saying, “I felt the best when we confirmed fourth place.”

'Enpac''s first fall festival. It failed to attract 10,000 won spectators. Of the 17,400 seats (based on full capacity), only 12,299 were filled.

The rankings were divided in the last game of the season, and it was not easy to schedule the away fans to come to Changwon in advance.

Another reason that could not be overlooked was the fact that it was not a match involving the most popular teams called 'Elodgi (LG, Lotte, KIA)'.

Although the audience wasn't full, the cheering was hotter than ever.

Every corner of the baseball stadium, including the home first base, was filled with the mint color that symbolizes NC. The NC club encouraged home fans to participate by handing out cheering towels.

Fall baseball products were also a huge hit.

All souvenirs, including souvenirs and keyrings, were sold out, so we had to wait for them to be restocked.

There was also a meaningful first pitch. The game started with the first pitch from 'Dinosaur Jwa', who as NC's 'true fan' wore a dinosaur mask and cheered regardless of home or away.

NC said, "Dynojwa, who became a baseball fan after watching the baseball game at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, is a 'true fan' from the area representing Changwon. After the founding of NC Dinos, he had a difficult time living in a foreign country, but he had a great time watching NC's baseball. “I gained strength, and since the 2018 season, I have been wearing a dinosaur mask and cheering for NC, becoming a famous figure in NC.”

Although they could not fill the third base stands, Doosan fans of the visiting team also responded with enthusiastic cheering.

A cheering squad was dispatched, and the team handed out white cheering towels. A large flag also appeared.

The content of the game was enough to excite both teams. NC was down 0-3, but quickly managed to come back from a 2-run deficit in the 4th inning with Seo Ho-cheol's grand slam and Kim Hyeong-jun's 'back-to-back' home run. Doosan also did not fall behind and fought hard to tie the score at 5-5 with two runs in the fifth inning. NC ended up winning 14-9, marking their first fall baseball victory at home.

Enpac's first fall was an unusually long one due to the tight competition. It was a famous match that was enough to be remembered as a fun festival rather than a boring one.
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Thursday, October 19, 2023

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