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Even if just one person is selected, it is ‘at least 100 million

Pitcher Hong Seong-min, Byun Si-won, Lee Young-jun, and outfielders Kim Jun-wan, Park Jun-tae, and Lee Byeong-gyu were requested to announce waivers to the KBO, and pitchers Kim Jeong-in, Park Joo-hyun, Oh Yun-seong, and Jeong Yeon-jae, and infielders Jeong Hyun-min, Lee Jae-hong, Lee Se-ho, and outfielder Kim Shin-hoe were deregistered as foster players. Among them, Jun-Tae Park begins his leadership career as an outfield and base running coach for Future Steam after his retirement.

The sharp winds that are emitted occur every year. Kiwoom selected a total of 14 players in the rookie draft held on the 14th of last month. They actively traded and collected top-round rookie picks, and infused young blood by selecting a total of 6 players in the 1st to 3rd rounds alone.

In order to create these positions, players who are judged to be underutilized or slow in growth in the team power plan will eventually have no choice but to be notified of their release.

Not only Kiwoom, but many clubs also make lists of players to be released around this time. However, this season, Kiwoom is evaluated as being somewhat early in announcing his release.

KBO confirmed the revival of the second draft starting this year. The second draft was held every two years from 2011 to 2019. However, there were many leaks to certain clubs, and player transfers were not as active as expected, so it was abolished. The Futures FA system has been newly implemented. However, Futures FA did not have many target players and movement was not active, so it eventually disappeared two years after its implementation.

The clubs decided to conduct a second draft after the 2023 season. As before, it is implemented once every two years.

Regulations were also supplemented. Nominations can be made from the 1st to 3rd rounds, and regulations have been created for mandatory registration of nomination targets, number of nominees, and first-team entry of nominated players.

To facilitate player movement, the number of protected players for nomination was reduced from 40 to 35 (in the 1st to 3rd year of joining the team, free agents of the year, and 35 protected players, but transferred as compensation players under a free agent contract before the 2nd draft). (excluding automatic nomination) Nomination for the next round is possible even after the upper round pass is declared.

The transfer amount is 400 million won for the 1st round, 300 million won for the 2nd round, and 200 million won for the 3rd round, and 100 million won for the 4th round and below, which can be nominated by the bottom 3 teams.

From the club's point of view, if at least one person is moved to the second draft rather than released, they can achieve the minimum benefit. Some clubs are delaying the announcement of released players until after the second draft.

Kiwoom is a homegrown club that operates without support from a parent company. Although he did not perform well this season, the list of released players includes players who have the talent to be seen in the first team if they reorganize or develop a little more.

Kim Jun-wan had a batting average of .192 last year, but played a leadoff role with an on-base percentage of 0.339. Lee Young-jun did not receive many opportunities due to injuries, but he is a member of the winning team that recorded 25 holds in 2020. Lee Byeong-gyu is a mid-to-long range hitter who showed good batting ability with a batting average of .455 in the four games he played in September.

Depending on the team, there may be players who look attractive enough, so it might be possible to postpone the release notice until after the second draft, but Kiwoom said, "We will open the way forward."

A Kiwoom official explained, "At a time when the team needs to quickly reorganize after finishing the regular season, we decided that it would be good to give consideration to released players so that they can also find new teams."

Meanwhile, Kiwoom, which finished the regular season in last place, will hold a closing camp in Wonju, Gangwon-do starting on the 22nd.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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