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Behind The Scenes Of The Movement

"I requested it during the game and changed it. I'm grateful to the director who listened to my story and changed it, and to (Lee) Jae-sung-hyung

There was a behind-the-scenes story about Lee Kang-in's position shift. During the game, he asked the coach himself, and as a result, it served as a "motor force" for the team to win.

Lee Kang-in took the lead in the team's 4-0 victory by scoring multiple goals in the 10th and 12th minutes of the second half in an A match evaluation match against Tunisia at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th.

He has played a significant role as a key role. With "captain" Son Heung-min waiting on the bench in the aftermath of the groin injury, Lee Kang-in was given an offensive free-roll role instead and actively played the ground. After the game, Lee Kang-in said, "First of all, the team's victory was the most important."

South Korea struggled with Tunisia's defense of the five-back mesh, leading to a frustrating trend. He took the lead and launched an offensive, but no goal was scored. Lee Kang-in opened the door as he moved. He moved from the central midfielder to the right and aimed for opportunities with de-pressurization and sharp passes using his unique dribbles, and it paid off in the second half.

He got a free kick himself and came on as a kicker and shook the corner of the net cheerfully with a fantastic left-footed kick in the 10th minute of the second half. In the 12th minute of the second half, he slipped and fell while competing with a defender in the penalty box. Lee Kang-in, who stood up straight like a tuck, grabbed the ball and split the corner of the right goal with a left-footed turning shot.

Lee Kang-in directly asked Jurgen Klinsmann to move. Lee Kang-in said, "The coach gives the players freedom in every game. His performance improved again today as he changed his position. I changed it because I requested it during the game. I am grateful to the director who listened to my story and changed it, and to (Lee Jae-sung) brother who listened. I will do my best to make the team win," he said emphatically.

Asked if he was greedy for a hat trick, Lee Kang-in said, "I don't think I'm a goal scorer. If I score two goals, I have never thought that I want to score one more goal to do a hat trick. The most important thing is winning the team, and the most important thing is that the team does well. Maybe all players are the same," he replied with a smile.

As for his physical condition, he said, "I try not to get injured every moment. I don't know how many injuries will come in the future, but I have to try to take care of my body as well as possible," he said, adding, "I'm actually not sure about the question that it's 100% now." I don't know when I'm 100% or not," he said with a smile.

59,018 people who visited the stadium chanted Lee Kang-in. The decibel reached 110 when Lee Kang-in caught or de-pressurized the ball and scored a goal. "As I always say, thank you for bringing attention and supporting me. The most important thing is the team's victory. "I'm coming to the national team, and if I can keep coming, I want to do my best to help the team win every game and win the competition," he said.
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Sunday, October 15, 2023

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