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what is the V-League predicted by reporters, commentators, power

he 2023-24 season V-League will see major changes. What will the V-League look like as predicted by experts in each field, including <The Spike> reporters, commentators, power analysts, and referees? Men's volleyball commentator Bong-woo Yoon of KBSN, women's volleyball commentator Jang So-yeon, SBS Sports commentator Kim Jeong-ah and Yoon Yeo-jin, and referee Seong Hae-yeon talked about the season outlook.

Excellent attack power. Among the Asian Quarter players, Megawatti is the only one who plays the aposite spiker position. Other teams also applauded Megawatti’s offensive ability.

Coach Jeong Kwan-jang Ko Hee-jin said, “I want to give the offense a passing grade.”

Megawatti, who met at the Dodram 2023-23 V-League Women's Media Day held at Hotel Riviera Cheongdam in Seoul on the 12th, said, “Life in Korea is not bad overall. However, training is difficult. “The training has been really hard for her from the moment she arrived in Korea,” she laughed.

When asked why she chose to go to Korea, she said, “There was a recommendation from my agent. She hoped that playing in the Korean league would make my name known and give me new experiences. “That’s why I applied,” he said. “I heard that the share of foreign strikers is high in the V-League, so there’s no problem. I am confident. “I once scored 45 points in an international competition,” he said emphatically.

Megawati is a Muslim. He doesn't eat pork at all. He also wears the hijab during competitions as well as in his daily life. He is the first foreign player to play on the V-League court while wearing a hijab.

Megawatti said, “I am proud because I am the first. In fact, it did not receive much attention because it was a familiar scene in other countries, but in Korea, it would be awkward,” he said. “There is a hijab for competition and a hijab for everyday use. Competition hijabs are breathable. “It won’t come off,” he said with a laugh.

Megawatti, who wants to become a strong striker like Serbia's Tiana Boscovic, a world-class striker, said, “I think all Asian quarter players are competitive. In my case, my strength is attack, but my weakness is receiving. However, he said, “I am confident that I will win the competition,” and expressed his determination, “I will work hard to achieve good results with my teammates.”
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Friday, October 13, 2023
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