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"Championship contractor" Scherzer brought in Scherzer trade

‘Championship contractor’ Max Scherzer appears.

The Texas Rangers won 7-1 in Game 3 of the American League Division Series (3 wins out of 5) against the '2023 Major League' Baltimore Orioles held at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, USA on the 11th (Korean time). Texas, who won a series sweep, will advance to the championship series.

There was someone who was happier than anyone else about Texas advancing to the championship series. It's Scherzer. He was injured while handling Bo Bichette's batted ball in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays on September 13th. An MRI examination revealed a sprain in his right shoulder, and he was out for the season. It seemed like he wouldn't even be able to participate in the postseason.

However, Scherzer showed a quick recovery and improved his condition through bullpen pitching. He devoted himself to his rehabilitation with the determination to stand on the mound for the team. He has expressed his intention to pitch to general manager Chris Young and manager Bruce Bochy, and will receive the opportunity to play in the championship series.

The official Major League Baseball website, also reported the news of Scherzer's appearance on the mound. The media said, “When Texas defeated Baltimore and advanced to the championship series, no player was happier than Scherzer in the clubhouse. Scherzer is scheduled to do live pitching before the championship series,” and said Scherzer would return soon.

Scherzer said, “I hope you give me a chance too. I'm trying my best to get back on the mound. “I hope everything is ready next time,” he said, expressing his desire to pitch in the postseason. For Scherzer, a division series sweep was the best case scenario. This is because he can determine his condition and number of pitches before the championship series roster is announced.

Scherzer was traded from the New York Mets to Texas ahead of the trade deadline last August. Texas, which was looking to strengthen its starting rotation, was able to build a more solid mound with the addition of Scherzer.

Scherzer, wearing a Texas uniform, played 45 innings in 8 games and recorded 4 wins, 2 losses, and an average ERA of 3.20. If he hadn't been injured, he could have had better results.

Texas is taking the postseason by storm. The addition of the experienced Scherzer has given us wings. Texas ranked second in the wild card rankings with 90 wins, 72 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.556 in the regular season and qualified for the postseason. Although evaluated as inferior in objective power, Texas won two games against the Tampa Bay Rays (99 wins, 63 losses, a winning percentage of 0.611) in the wild card series, and also defeated Baltimore, which had 101 wins (61 losses, a winning percentage of 0.623), with three wins in the division series. did.

Scherzer appeared 27 times in the postseason, pitched 133⅓ innings, and recorded 7 wins, 7 losses, and an ERA of 3.58. In 2019, when he was a member of the Washington Nationals, he led the World Series championship with 3 wins, no losses, and an ERA of 2.40 in 6 games and 30 innings.

MLBCOM looked forward to Scherzer's performance, saying, "Whether Scherzer is in the starting rotation or as a bullpen pitcher, he could be a great addition to Texas."

Coach Bochy also said, “I am very happy. He missed me for sure. He's pitching well. He had a good game against the Baltimore hitters, so he wanted to use him in the division series. But he didn't want to take the risk. He welcomed Scherzer's return, saying, "I wanted to give him enough time to recover."

Meanwhile, Texas will play the American League Championship Series against the Houston Astros starting on the 16th.
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Thursday, October 12, 2023
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