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Is the retired 'sophisticated critic' sane?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 42 years old this year, started his professional career in Malmo, Sweden, in 1999. Since then, he has grown into the world's best striker by playing for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, and LA Galaxy. And retired after his last season.

Zlatan was a striker who played over 600 games and scored over 400 goals during his professional career. In A matches alone, he played in 122 matches and scored 62 goals.

Zlatan, whose specialty is scoring goals, is famous for his sharp tongue. He doesn't talk back. He is direct. The same goes for the ground. He was recently interviewed by Pearson Morgan, a famous British broadcaster. He also talked about his own identity, but what caught the attention of his fans was the story about his old team, Manchester United.

Zlatan is currently becoming a hot topic after supporting the Glazer family, owners of Manchester United, who are almost public enemies. British media recently reported that ‘Zlatan is defending the Glazers.’

Manchester United fans are calling for the Glazer family to be kicked out. Last season, they finished third in the Premier League, returned to the Champions League, and won the League Cup, but their performance was not good for a while. And the Glazer family was heavily criticized for not investing money in the club.

Old Trafford, the home stadium, is notorious for being a very old stadium, with water leaking in the roof and toilets occasionally backing up. Fans are shouting for the Glazers to be out, saying that the club has not invested in the stadium and has no desire to win.

In the end, the Glazer owner pretended to raise a white flag in response to the fans' demands. In order to respond to the calls for expulsion that arose last season, a sale of the club was undertaken. However, thanks to the return to the Champions League, the sale price of the club has skyrocketed and sales are being avoided. The sale price, which was about 4 billion pounds in November of last year, has soared to the extent that it is said that it has now soared to 10 billion pounds. Therefore, the Glazer family is being criticized for delaying the sale of the club due to their ‘greed for money.’

Zlatan is aware of this reality, but contrary to the wishes of his fans, he supports the Glazer family. Zlatan said, “The Glazer owner spent a lot of money. “But it just didn’t lead to success on the pitch.” In other words, fans have no right to criticize because they spent a lot of money on player transfers, including recruiting players.

Since Zlatan is a harsh speaker, I thought he would boldly beat up the Glazer family, but it was completely the opposite. Contrary to his fans' expectations, he expressed his opinions without hesitation.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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