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“The owner of the club is a Rooney fan”

On the 9th (Korean time), the British Mirror reported, "Wayne Rooney, who served as the manager of DC United in the U.S. Major League Soccer (MLS), may be appointed as the manager of Birmingham City in the English Championship (second division)."

The newspaper also reported, “Rooney plans to bring former England teammate Ashley Cole and John O’Shea, who he worked with during his time at Manchester United, to his division.”

Rooney is a former England striker who led Manchester United's golden era. He played for Manchester United for 13 years and was one of the best strikers in the club's history, scoring 253 goals and 134 assists in 559 games.

However, evaluations of him as a director are divided. Wayne Rooney, who began his career as a player and manager at Derby County in the English Championship (England's second division) during the 2019/20 season, worked hard at Derby County and succeeded in keeping the team in the second division until the 2020/21 season. .

However, the following season, in the 2021/22 season, various problems at the club emerged and 21 points were deducted, and Derby County was relegated to the third division, League 1, despite Rooney's struggles. Rooney, who left the team at the end of the season, took over as coach of DC United in the US MLS in 2022/23, but finished last in the league in his first season. Afterwards, in the new season of 2023, he seemed to show his potential by leading the team to the season playoffs, but advancement to the playoffs ultimately ended in failure, and he eventually laid down his leadership on the 7th due to discord with the board.

The Mirror predicted, “Although Rooney denies any link with Birmingham right after stepping down as head coach, Birmingham will want to appoint Rooney.”

On the 8th, British public broadcaster BBC Sports radio station BBC5 Live announced on social media that Rooney's contract had already ended, saying, "Rooney will replace (Birmingham's current manager) John Eustace," and added, "Cole and O'Shea have also joined Rooney's division. “I will join,” the report said. Although the club and Rooney have not officially acknowledged it, it is virtually confirmed that Rooney is heading to Birmingham.

'Mirror' said, "John Eustace has shown good progress since taking office at Birmingham last summer, putting them in 6th place in the league. However, Birmingham's new owner 'Nighthead Capital' is a huge fan of Rooney," and added, "The club has hired a manager who was a star player." “We are putting a lot of effort into recruiting them,” he said. Birmingham's goal is to have a symbol of English football like Rooney as its head coach.

At his farewell press conference with DC United on the 7th, Rooney denied the suspicions about his appointment as Birmingham coach, saying, "Nothing has been decided for the future. I am returning to England with no plans."

If Rooney takes the helm again in England, the number of retired star player-turned-managers will increase. Frank Lampard, who played for Chelsea and was in a sharp conflict for the title of England's best midfielder, and Steven Gerrard, the heart of Liverpool and England's star midfielder, are also taking on the role of manager after retirement.

Lampard was appointed Chelsea head coach in 2019, but was sacked in January 2021 and did not achieve success as manager. In 2023, he received a love call from Chelsea again and took charge of finishing Chelsea's season as interim manager, but instead, the former team's best legend ended up tarnishing his reputation due to his deteriorating tactical capabilities and incompetent game management.

Gerrard began his career as a manager at Rangers FC, a Scottish first division team, and was appointed to Aston Villa of the Premier League in 2021, but was sacked in January 2023 before completing less than two years of his term. He was suddenly dismissed after the start of the 2022/23 season, with only 2 wins in 11 games.

With the actions of England legends continuing, which seems to fit the popular saying that 'a great player cannot become a great manager', attention is being paid to whether Rooney will be able to return to his home country and build a successful career as a manager.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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