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Triton Super High Roller Series Finishes First Time

Galaxy Macao Casino hosted the first edition of the Triton Super High Rollers series. The event was a 6-max format event with a purchase of HK$250,000, with 87 athletes competing. In the end, it was Stefan Schillhabel of Germany who won the title, defeating Mike Watson of Canada in head-up play.

When it comes to chip stacks, Sylhabel will be one of 50 players when the players return to the felt. The poker player will maintain this intermediate stride until the last two tables are made. According to Poker News, when the final table was set with seven players remaining, Sylhabel finished fifth in the chip category. It won't take long for professionals to set up a course to score double-doubles and take the top spot.

With only two players remaining, Watson and Sylhabel will take a 5-1 chip lead and start a head-to-head match with Sylhabel. Watson, on the other hand, went all-in with a pocket six and Sylhabel did not hesitate to call the club's J-10. As the dealer flipped the 7 A-J-3-8 into the board, Jax would dominate and Watson would be eliminated in second place.

For his efforts, Sylhabel won the top prize along with a new Hublot watch, a trophy, and a custom-made bottle of champagne.
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Sunday, October 8, 2023
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