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The 'War of the Wild', a battle of wits to capture KLPGA's popu

The 2023 season KLPGA tour competition is now approaching its end.

After the season ends, players rest and prepare for their winter training schedule. Among them, the most important is signing a sponsorship contract. In the off-season, as part of corporate marketing, we finish working on bottom pants and contact popular athletes to sign sponsorship contracts.

How much do companies offer to beautiful golfers and popular star golfers? No one knows the amount of money. When signing a contract, players and sponsors are required to keep the amount confidential.

However, by combining information revealed through the media, it is possible to infer approximately how much money is received. Players receive different amounts of hats and clothing depending on their level.

First, the price varies depending on where the sponsor logo is attached. The location with the highest exposure range is the front of the hat. The ‘main sponsor’ as we know it attaches its corporate logo to the center of the hat.

Next, you can decide on the exposed areas in that order: left chest, left sleeve, and right sleeve. The exposure ratio of the left and right logos is 6:4, with the left logo being slightly more exposed.

How many logos do the country's 'top' popular players wear? A total of 10 to 13 sponsor logos are attached, including 3 on the hat, 6 to 8 on the top, and 2 on the bottom, but excluding overlapping sponsors, approximately 7 to 9 company logos are attached.

We are often referred to as a ‘small and medium-sized business’ that walks around. If we estimate the amount of sponsorship, in the case of 'main sponsor', top players sign super-special contracts worth about 1 billion to 500 million won per year. The total amount of 'sub-sponsors' is also expected to be a similar amount.

Therefore, the left breast is excluded from the 'main sponsor' position, the right breast is approximately 200 million won, the left sleeve and collar are approximately 66 million won, the right sleeve and collar is approximately 44 million won, and the pockets on both backs and bottoms are approximately KRW 66 million. It is around 27 million won.

With not much time left this season, companies began a 'war of wits' to catch a new 'top' player.
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Thursday, October 5, 2023

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