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Korean male roller's disappointing win...medal streak for three

On the 2nd, the Korean men's and women's roller skating teams each won silver medals in the 3000m relay at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The men's roller skating speed team, consisting of Choi In-ho (Nonsan City Hall), Choi Gwang-ho (Daegu City Hall), and Jeong Cheol-won (Andong City Hall), ranked second with 4 minutes 5.702 seconds in the finals of the competition held at the Qiantang Roller Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. There is a difference of 0.01 seconds from first place Taiwan, which recorded 4 minutes 5.692 seconds. Third place went to India, which crossed the finish line in 4 minutes 10.128 seconds.

The Korean national team seemed to have crossed the finish line in first place, but while Jeong Cheol-won, the last runner, was celebrating, they allowed the Taiwanese athlete, who was right behind them, to come back from behind.

The Korean national team, who were confident of first place, held a ceremony, but were unable to hide their embarrassment after checking the official records belatedly. Afterwards, he left the stadium in tears without responding to reporters' requests for coverage in the common reporting area (mist zone).

The women's national team also won a silver medal in the 3000m final. The women's national team, consisting of Lee Seul (Daegu City Hall), Park Min-jung (Andong City Hall), and Lee Ye-rim (Cheongju City Hall), took second place with a time of 4 minutes 21.146 seconds in the match held before the men's team. First place was Taiwan with a time of 4 minutes 19.447 seconds, and third place was India with a time of 4 minutes 34.861 seconds.

Korean roller skaters won medals for three consecutive days at this competition. Byeong-hee Jeong (Chungbuk Sports Council) won a gold medal in the 10,000m men's speed category (excluding points (EP)) on the first day of the event, In-ho Choi won a bronze medal in the same game, and Garam Yoo (Anyang City Hall) won a bronze medal in the women's game. The next day, Choi Kwang-ho won the 1000m sprint gold medal. Gwang-ho Choi won the 1000m gold medal, Cheol-won Jeong won the silver medal, and Ye-rim Lee won the bronze medal in the women's race.
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