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It's like a good son's event…Men's and women's fencing team wins

The Korean men's foil fencing team was disappointed that no one won a medal in the individual event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. It was the first time in 45 years that the individual competition winner was not produced in this event since the 1978 Asian Games in Bangkok.

Players who suffered the humiliation of the individual "No Medal" were completely washed away in the team event. The men's foil team won its second straight title by winning the top of Asia in the team event.

The men's foil team, consisting of Lee Kwang-hyun (Hwaseong City Hall), Ha Tae-gyu (Daejeon City Corporation), Heo Jun (Gwangju City Hall), and Lim Chul-woo (Seongbuk-gu Office), beat China 45-38 in the final of the men's foil team at the Asian Games held at Hangzhou Electronics University Gymnasium in China on the 27th. It is the second consecutive gold medal following the men's foil team title in 24 years at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

South Korea beat Taiwan 45-29 in the quarterfinals and cruised to a complete victory (45-37) in the semifinals against Hong Kong, the opponent of the last tournament. The final against host China struggled. South Korea, which was 33-33 until the seventh round, took the lead in the eighth round, with Lee Kwang-hyun blocking China's raincoat with three points and reaching 40 points first. Heo Jun completed the gold medal by continuing his momentum to the end in the last nine rounds against Cheonha Ei Wei.

After the news of the gold medal in men's fencing, the women's fencing epee team also won the team event, marking a double celebration. The national team, which teamed up with Choi In-jeong (Gyerong City Hall), the individual gold and silver medalists, and Song Se-ra (Busan Metropolitan City Hall), and Kang Young-mi (Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall) and Lee Hye-in (Gangwon Provincial Office), won 36-34 in the final of the team event against Hong Kong. The women's epee team solved its long-cherished dream by winning the team event for the first time in 21 years since the 2002 Busan Asian Games. Choi In-jeong, the "oldest sister," achieved "two gold medals" in the competition, and Song Se-ra, who won the silver medal behind Choi In-jeong in the individual competition, smiled broadly as she won the gold medal.

As a result, Korean fencing has played a significant role as a "good son sport." There are five gold medals in this tournament alone. On the first day of the competition, Choi In-jeong met with Song Se-ra in the women's epee singles final and took the gold medal, and later won the men's sabre as Oh Sang-wook met Koo Bon-gil, who had lost in Jakarta and Palembang, for the first time in five years and succeeded in avenging him. Following Yoon Ji-soo's gold medal in the women's sabre individual event, Yoon Ji-soo added gold medals in two team events on the same day. South Korean fencing, which won 46 gold medals at the Asian Games until the previous Jakarta-Palembang Games, recorded its 51st career gold medal.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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