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Who actively plays base running, and national shortstop Expected

In baseball, there is a saying, "There is no slump in the foot." Ace can also have a shaky control and the bat of the .300 batter is rested, but fast feet are not going anywhere unless it is an injury.

Ryu Ji-hyuk (Samsung) is leading the team in stealing. He stole the base 25 times, boasting a 92.6% success rate. He stole only five bases in the first half, but he stole as many as 20 bases in the second half.

He stole the base three times in a home game against LG on the 17th of last month, setting the record for most individual games.

At the time, head coach Park Jin-man said, "It was difficult to score because it was the day when the opponent's ace (Kacey Kelly) took the mound, but Ryu Ji-hyuk showed active base running and shook his opponent. "Thanks to Ryu Ji-hyuk's performance, I was able to bring the atmosphere," he praised.

Coach Park Jin-man said, "I didn't know when I was at KIA, but after coming to our team, I saw that he was good at stealing. Stealing doesn't mean that you're just fast. "You have to have a sense and you have to understand the habits of opposing pitchers," he said, praising Ryu Ji-hyuk's steal ability.

Coach Park Jin-man, who met with reporters ahead of the Daegu Doosan match on the 21st, stressed that young quasi-joks in the team should emulate Ryu Ji-hyuk's active base running. He said, "Ryu Ji-hyuk is excellent at stealing and sense. "There are some fielders in the team who lack confidence and judgment in stealing, and I hope they learn a lot from Ryu Ji-hyuk," he said.

"Ryu Ji-hyuk is a style of voluntarily active baserunning. Other players have to play like Ryu Ji-hyuk, but some fast players do not make good use of their strengths. Ryu Ji-hyuk is showing that "the steal should be done like this." He added, "I'm playing a role like an assistant."

Outfielder Kim Sung-yoon, who joined the Hangzhou Asian Games national team late, is on the verge of breaking his personal record with 19 steals this season as well as achieving his first 20 steals. "Since the success rate is the most important in stealing, the risk of stealing (being out) has been completely eliminated, so the attempt to steal seems to have decreased," he said.

Regarding Ryu Ji-hyuk's active baserunning play, he said, "I didn't know I was so good at stealing when I was in KIA. I'm asking a lot of questions to Jihyuk. "My brother also tries to teach me a lot, so it helps a lot," he said.
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Friday, September 22, 2023
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