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6 Innings, 5K Scoreless Power

NC Dinos Tanner Turley 29 is showing a stable pitch despite not being fast.

Tanner started the game against Kiwoom Heroes in the "2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League" at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 21st and recorded five hits and five strikeouts in six innings.

Tanner, who caught leadoff hitter Kim Hye-sung with a grounder to first base in the top of the first inning, got a hit from Ronnie Dawson. Lee Ju-hyung's base hit continued the crisis with two outs, but Tanner ended the inning by catching Kim Hwi-jip with a fly ball to right field.

Tanner, who had a hit by leadoff hitter Song Sung-moon in the second inning, caught Lim Ji-yeol with a fly ball to center field, and Park Chan-hyuk struck out. Park Soo-jong was on the verge of a hit with two outs and runners on first and second bases, but Kim Si-ang's hit was caught as a shortstop's straight hit and overcame the crisis.

Tanner, who had three outs in a row in the third and fourth innings, sent out Park Soo-jong with a hit in the fifth inning with one out. However, he caught Kim Si-ang with a fly ball to the second baseman and struck out Kim Hye-sung without losing a point. In the sixth inning, Kim Hwi-jip was sent out to second base with two outs due to an infield hit and a third baseman error, but he caught Song Sung-moon with a catcher's foul fly to prevent the risk of losing a point.

Tanner, who recorded 87 pitches with the two teams tied 0-0, was replaced by Ryu Jin-wook and finished the day. He pitched fastballs 42, slub 28, changeups 13, and curves 4, with a maximum speed of 144 kilometers per hour. He wasn't fast on the fastball, but he was firmly responsible for the sixth inning with a stable pitch with sophisticated control. NC ended its three-game winning streak with a 1-5 upset loss despite Tanner's good pitching.

Coach Kang In-kwon said in an interview before the game, "Tanner seems to be throwing well stably. There are certainly no ups and downs. Even when I watched the video before joining the team, I confirmed that it was stable. However, I was worried about the arrest. Still, when I came to Korea, there was a difference in the official ball and the ball speed rose a little more than I thought as I adapted well to the league. He welcomed Tanner's performance, saying, "He's doing his part enough."

Tanner, who joined NC on behalf of Taylor Widener Samsung, is performing as well as an alternative foreign pitcher. Including the game, he has three wins and an ERA of 2.13 in seven games 42 ⅓ innings this season.

Tanner's game is the first against the same team in the KBO League. Coach Kang In-kwon said, "It's important to see how you show yourself when you meet the same team several times. If you look at today's game operation, you will be able to confirm it," he said, stressing the importance of the game. Tanner neatly defended Kiwoom's batters with six scoreless innings and received a pass.
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Friday, September 22, 2023

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