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Why Kim Kwang-hyun's best friend Adam Wainwright's record of 200

It is the record for the most business trips on the battery. The two previous Detroit Tigers catchers Bill Frehan and right-hander Mickey Rolich Battery surpassed the previous 324 games they played in. They played in Detroit from 1963 to 1975. In both records, he pitched as a starting pitcher and made batteries with the catcher.

Wainwright and Molina made a milestone between 2007 and 2022 while eating a pot of two-shot rice for 16 years. After being drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Braves in 2000, Wainwright was traded to the st. Louis in December 2003, and after going through the bullpen, he became a built-in starter from 2007.

Last year Molina retired from active duty. But Wainwright extended his active career. They are 42 years old and the same age. The club signed an extension for a one-year salary of $17.5 million. In the previous year, he pitched 191.2 innings with 11 wins, 12 losses and a 3.71 ERA. Considering the age, it is an annual salary with bonus characteristics. He became the second oldest pitcher after left-hander Rich Hill (43), who signed a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Korean fans know Wainwright well. As soon as Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG) entered the Major League, it was Wainwright who took care of him like an older brother when he was mentally and physically struggling due to the Corona pandemic. That year, Wainwright was awarded the Roberto Clemente Award, which awards players who lead the way in good deeds and community service.

The player who won the Roberto Clemente Award can be considered as a "nice guy" who goes far beyond "good and sincere" in general. They are Gutsamaritan who are considerate of others and take care of those who are more difficult than themselves.

Despite the age of 42, the biggest reason for extending his active career is that he has a goal of achieving 200 wins. He wanted both himself and the team. Wainwright became a 1-0 winning pitcher against the Milwaukee Brewers at home on the 19th and reached the 200-win mark. It was significant as he connected his best pitching this season to 200 wins with four hits, two walks, and three strikeouts in seven innings. One run was a home run by battery catcher Wilson Contreras.

In fact, it was difficult to achieve 200 wins without St. Louis. Currently, his performance is 5 wins and 11 losses with a 7.40 ERA. It is a pitch that cannot protect the starting rotation. It was possible because I was a one-club man. He made his big league debut in 2005 and made his first appearance in 18 years and 411 starts.

St. Louis is a prestigious club, but only three pitchers have won 200 games. Fireballer Bob Gibson won 251 (1959-1975), Jesse Haines won 210 (1920-1937) and Wainwright 200 (2005-2023).

Since 1961, only five pitchers have achieved 200 wins as one-club men. Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer 268 wins, St. Louis Bob Gibson 251 wins, New York Yankees White Ford 236 wins, Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw 209 wins, and Wainwright 200 wins.

The reason why he did not release a pitcher with an ERA of seven points and did not exclude him from the starting rotation is because everyone knows how precious a one-club man's 200 wins are.

Among active pitchers, Justin Verlander (255 wins), Jack Greinke (222 wins), Max Scherzer (214 wins), Kershaw (209 wins), and Wainwright (200 wins) have achieved more than 200 wins. With the exception of Kershaw and Wainwright, he played several teams. Currently, the pitcher closest to 200 wins is 37-year-old Johnny Cueto of the Miami Marlins with 144 wins, followed by New York Yankees Gerrit Cole (33).
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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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