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Spain's women's national soccer team continues to 'boycott'

Spain's women's national soccer team players issued a joint statement immediately after new coach Montserrat Tome, a woman, announced the call-up list on the 18th (local time), expressing their intention to continue boycotting the national team.

They said in a statement, "We will legally consider the fact that the Korea Football Association has included us on the list even though we have already announced that we will not attend," adding, "We are sorry that the Korea Football Association has faced a situation where we do not want to."

He/she has never reversed his/her intention to refuse to call the national team, but why are they putting his/her name on the national team's call-up list to press him/her.

With Spain winning the 2023 Australian-New Zealand Women's World Cup, former Spanish Football Association President Luis Rubiales resigned after causing a big controversy by forcibly kissing player Henifer Hermoso during the championship ceremony.

At that time, a total of 81 Spanish female professional soccer players, including national players, declared that they would refuse to call the national team.

On the 15th, 39 players, including 21 of the 23 winning members, issued a joint statement and announced their position to continue the boycott.

Fifteen of the 21 World Cup winners who made a statement on the 15th were included in the list announced by Tome.

In the wake of the "forced kiss" incident, the Spanish Football Association replaced Jorge Bilda, who was dissatisfied with the players' coaching methods, and appointed Tome as the first female head coach in history.

Former chairman Rubiales, who had been holding out, eventually stepped down from his post.

However, the players continue to boycott, demanding the reorganization of the national team staff and the reorganization of certain departments within the Korea Football Association. The resignation of acting chairman Pedro Rocha is also a requirement for players.

The Spanish women's national team's September A match evaluation match will inevitably be disrupted as the players remain determined to refuse to call.

Spain will have to play in the UEFA Women's Nations League group stage against Sweden on the 22nd and Switzerland on the 26th.

Tome said, "Now a new phase has begun, and time is passing. There is no other intention. I sincerely want to be with the players," he said, pleading for the players' return to the national team.
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Monday, September 18, 2023

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