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When it comes to glamour, grandeur, and relentless luxury

There are few facilities to hold candles in the world's most luxurious casinos. These palaces of entertainment and coincidence are not just places to test human luck. They are immersive experiences that move visitors to a world of glamour, elegance, and refinement. From the heart of Las Vegas to the coast of Macau, the game's paradise redefines the concept of luxury.

Smart Casino Guide, your go-to resource to roam the world of high-priced gambling, reveals hidden treasures of these luxurious facilities. It's not just about games, it's about the atmosphere and the service that makes these casinos visible, and the sheer indulgence.

Venice and Macau
Our journey often begins in Macau, called "Las Vegas in the East." Venice Macao, a masterpiece of architectural grandeur, is really a wonder to behold. The expansive resort boasts a huge game floor decorated with intricate mosaics of design, luxurious chandeliers, and luxurious furniture carrying visitors to Venice's romantic streets. Gondola rides through the resort's impressive canal system add to Europe's appeal, creating an unrivalled luxury atmosphere.

Beyond the casino floor, the resort offers a myriad of entertainment options, world-class dining and luxury shopping. With its pure size and interest in detail, Venice Macau has become the pinnacle of luxury in the world's casino landscape.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino
No discussion of luxury casinos would be perfect without mentioning the iconic Bellagio in Las Vegas. Respected for timeless elegance and refinement, Bellagio is a testament to the city's ability to constantly reinvent itself. Choreographed to music and lighting, Bellagio's famous dancing fountains provide fascinating sights for visitors from all over the world.

Inside the casino, there is a sophisticated atmosphere with luxurious tables and various games for players. Art galleries and botanical gardens inside add to the culture, making Bellagio a real haven for luxury and pleasure.

Casino de Monte Carlo
Continuing our journey, we venture into the heart of Monaco, a small duchy known for its splendor and luxury. Located in this breathtaking area, Casino de Monte Carlo exudes an old-world charm that other casinos cannot reproduce. The historic building has been featured in numerous movies and novels, solidifying its status as a symbol of luxury and high society.

The casino exterior of the spectacular Belle Epoque gives way to a luxurious interior decorated with crystal chandeliers, intricate sculptures and impeccable decorations.
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Sunday, September 17, 2023

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