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The 3rd match between the 2 teams that made "Story"

"I'm upset that I lost to a team that plays soccer like that." Seoul and Gwangju, the two teams that made another story in the K League, will face off for the third time this season.

FC Seoul and Gwangju will face off in the 30th round of the 'Hana One Q K League 1 2023' at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 17th. The two teams, who happily won the 29th round, just before the A match break, are placed side by side in third and fourth place on the ranking table.

Seoul and Gwangju are the most interesting teams playing soccer in the K League 1 this season. After Ahn Ik-soo's resignation, Seoul succeeded in some reversal under acting coach Kim Jin-kyu, and scored 51 goals in the K League 1 this season, ranking second in team scoring after Ulsan Hyundai, the leader.

Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo is also a coach with a strong color. After taking the helm of Gwangju ahead of last season, he showed strong forward pressure and fast offense and defense conversion, and eventually won an overwhelming victory in K League 2 and was promoted to K League 1. Since then, it has continued to show the color of Gwangju on the top stage, continuing the sensation of the promotion team, and is looking beyond the top goal of remaining to advance to the Final A.

I also made a new story. The two teams faced each other in the second round on March 5, and Seoul won 2-0 away to Gwangju. At that time, Gwangju led the first half and showed their colors, but head coach Ahn Ik-soo quickly took the lead in the second half, and was able to win a complete victory with Um Ji-sung's exit and a numerical advantage.

Seoul had a little bad content, but it took care of the "results," and Gwangju showed the process but did not get the results. At that time, director Lee Jung-hyo's remarks at a press conference became controversial. After the game, head coach Lee Jung-hyo said, "To be honest, I am more angry than sorry. "I'm upset that I lost to such a soccer team," he said, expressing his regret.

At the end of the press conference, director Lee Jung-hyo said, "I hope there is no misunderstanding. I don't think Seoul's soccer, coach Ahn Ik-soo's soccer, is bad. I should be responsible for the results," he said, adding, "I hope there is no misunderstanding in his remarks, but it was already spilled water. After the game, Seoul fans were angry, and Seoul players such as Lim Sang-hyeop and Dongjin Park also raised their voices, saying, "Professional players should say it as a result."

Seoul also won the second showdown. At that time, head coach Lee Jung-hyo tried to win by modifying tactics against Seoul, but admitted to a complete defeat, saying he lost 1-3, giving up both content and results. Since then, head coach Lee Jung-hyo has prepared for this away trip to Seoul with utmost pride.

The atmosphere is good in Gwangju. He has been undefeated in nine consecutive games, showing a strong one-team centered on coach Lee Jung-hyo's leadership. In particular, Lee Soon-min, who was selected as the first national team player and made his A match debut, plays a role as Gwangju's housekeeper in the midfield and defense, and is considered a key player in coach Lee Jung-hyo's tactics.

But there is a variable. Jung Ho-yeon, the core of the midfield, was transferred to the Asian Games team, and Kim Han-gil is unable to play due to accumulated warnings. Considering that Timo and Aaron's recovery from injuries is unknown, it is true that the absence of the squad is worrisome.

On the other hand, Seoul has succeeded in reversing to some extent under Kim Jin-kyu's acting system. Acting Kim Jin-kyu boldly used Illyuchenko, Ko Yo-han, Choi Chul-won, Ji Dong-won, and Han Seung-kyu, who had not received many opportunities to play, resulting in one win and one draw in the past two games. In particular, after Hwang Ui-jo left, there was a lot of consideration for the front-line striker, but it is positive that Ilyuchenko definitely survived by running scoring in two consecutive games.

The opposing records of the two teams are dominant with 15 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses in Seoul, and Seoul also won the two previous games this season. Considering that Gwangju has not won against Seoul since 2017 and that there is a high possibility of a change in rankings depending on the points, both teams are certainly motivated. Who will be the winner of the third match between the two teams that made the story?
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Saturday, September 16, 2023

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