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24 years old even after the end of the contract.

Barcelona agrees to renew contract with genius born in 2007

It is reported that Barcelona has agreed to renew its contract with Ramin Yamal.

"Barcelona remains calm over Yamal," said Fernando Polo, deputy director of Spanish media Mundo Deportivo. Yamal has to sign his first professional contract since he is 16, and Barcelona have already agreed with Yamal's agent, Jorge Mendes, over the terms. The agreement is taken for granted because Mendes and Juan Laporta have a very good relationship," he said.

Yamal was born in 2007 and is still only 16 years old. Yamal, who is young enough to play for U-18 or U-20 teams, not yet a professional team, feels awkward about his title as a promising player, but he has already emerged as one of the many-anticipated players in Barcelona.

Breaking all the 'youngest' titles. Yamal, who was called up to the first division at the end of last season, set the youngest debut record in Barcelona's history, and broke the record for the youngest starting debut in Spain's La Liga this season. In the third round, he set the record for the youngest assist in La Liga at the age of 16 years and 45 days by accumulating help against Cardis. The Man of the Match (MOM) of the game was also Yamal.

The same was true of the national team. Yamal, who made the Spanish national team during the A match in September thanks to his performance, was substituted at the end of the first half against Georgia and took the ground. Yamal connected Nico Williams' pass to a goal in the 29th minute of the second half, becoming the youngest player to score in Spain's national team history. Yamal's age is more than a year apart from 16 years and 57 days and Gabi's record of 17 years and 62 days.

Barcelona seems to be trying to sign a contract early because they believe Yamal's talent is certain. Since Yamal is a minor, the contract will proceed through stages.

"Barcelona can only sign Yamal, a minor, until 2026," Folau said. Once they signed a three-year contract, Barcelona and Mendes decided to further discuss a long-term contract in 2025. The contract expires in 2030 when Yamal turns 24.
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Sunday, September 10, 2023

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