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Klinsmann's European Expedition Number Confirmed

The South Korean national team, led by coach Klinsmann, will play a warm-up match against the Welsh national team in Wales, England, at 3:45 a.m. on the 8th (Korea Standard Time). After the warm-up match against Wales, he will move to Newcastle and prepare for his second match against Saudi Arabia on the 13th.

The Korea Football Association announced the back number ahead of the warm-up match against Wales. Captain Son Heung-min was assigned No. 7, and Kim Min-jae plays with No. 4. Cho Kyu-sung, who challenged the European stage this summer, will wear No. 9, Yang Hyun-joon 17 and Kim Ji-soo 25.

The national team gathered on the 4th of next month and immediately left for Wales, where the first round will be held, and overseas players joined the team there. Coach Klinsmann said, "The injury of the players is the biggest variable in preparing for the A match. In particular, Lee Kang-in's injury is expected to disrupt the operation of the game. However, I will accept the reality and use it as an opportunity to prepare for another plan. I hope Lee Kang-in will recover as soon as possible, adapt quickly to his team, and participate in the Asian Games in normal condition. Fortunately, in the case of Cho Kyu-sung and Hwang Hee-chan, they continued to communicate with their teams and decided that there was no problem joining the call-up, so we included them on the list."

"We discussed the call-up of some players included in the Asian Games national team several times with the Korea Football Association. As a result, Baek Seung-ho, Song Min-kyu, Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart), and Park Kyu-hyun will not be called for this European expedition, but Seol Young-woo and Hong Hyun-seok decided to convene them because they were essential players in preparation for the match against Wales."

"However, if there are no special situations such as injuries, conditions, and performance of other players after the match against Wales, we plan to cooperate so that the two players can join the Asian Games national team as much as possible." "I hope the Asian Games national team, led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong, will prepare well and achieve its goals in the tournament," he explained.

Finally, "Three players will join the national team for the first time. Goalkeeper Kim Joon-hong was selected by goalkeeper coach Koepke himself during the Asian Games national team's call-up training in Paju in early August. I met and confirmed Kim Ji-soo in person, and these two players were selected to see and watch the possibility of growing into the future of the national team rather than immediately. Lee Soon-min is a steady player in the K League. The selection of these new players will be the beginning of the change to achieve the goal of winning the Asian Cup," he said, expressing his feelings for the call-up in September.

The Korea Football Association appointed Klinsmann after the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. Coach Klinsmann was evaluated to have no tactical capabilities when he was in the German national team, and he appointed Andreas Harechoke, who performed quite well when he was in the U.S. national team.

However, something was unusual from the start. It was different from handing over the baton after thinking about what kind of soccer to play around former chairman Kim Pan-gon and what process to prepare for four years when Paulo Bento was appointed. Question marks continued from the appointment process, and Chairman Michael Mueller, who hurriedly took over the position of chairman of the power reinforcement committee, continued to answer in the same sentence.

There was a question mark, but the public opinion ended with Klinsmann's flexible interview. In March, he took out a "central hand" against South American powerhouses Uruguay and Colombia and showed an aggressive appearance. But in June against Peru and El Salvador, he created a jagged atmosphere with his colorless appearance.

Klinsmann, who did not win until June, held a press conference and stood in front of the media. I thought I would listen to the roadmap for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in January and the 2026 North-Central America World Cup in the long run, but I only listed the introduction of the coaching staff and the impression I have received from the Korean national team. When asked what color he would wear to the Korean national team, he avoided giving a definite answer, saying, "You'll know if you wait."

It makes sense. If all future plans and plans are disclosed in public, it could be poisonous. It was worth waiting for because it had not yet entered the World Cup qualifying stage and the "honeymoon" effect remained.

However, looking at his recent moves, there is a question of whether he is sincere as the head coach of the Korean national team. Like foreign leaders, he seemed to reside in Korea to form a team and think about it, but he often flew to the U.S. to spend time.

Recently, it has spent quite a lot of time as a panel of global sports media 'ESPN'. He also mentioned Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, but listed overseas soccer issues such as Lionel Messi and Harry Kane. Furthermore, there was even a prediction of wins, draws, and losses against Tottenham and Manchester United in the second round of the Premier League.

The same goes for the head coach. Coach Harechoke joined Austria's "ESPN" commentator as he entered the 2023-24 season. There is a justification for observing the European wave directly, but it was a picture that forced us to spend more time preparing for the commentary, which has a weekly game.

He recently opened his mouth to controversy, but it was not a pleasant answer. Asked if he had a lot of time to stay in Korea, he said, "The results in March and June were disappointing, but there were many positive aspects. They are discussing how to play the Asian Cup with competent coaches while understanding the flow of modern soccer. Plans have already been made by the first half of next year. It will play Wales and Saudi Arabia in September and Vietnam and Tunisia in October. In November, I will be busy with the second qualifying round and the Asian Cup. Personally, I don't like losing a competition. All I think about is winning. "I want to win and present the results," he said adding, "I watched a lot of games in Korea." He also watched the K League 2, U League, and FC Seoul U18 Osan High School games in person. Domestic matches will be watched by coaches Cha Du-ri and Michael Kim, while coaches Andreas Köfke and Paulo Stringara will check in Europe. July and August were the schedules agreed upon before signing a contract with the Korea Football Association, so I didn't spend much time in Korea. After September, he will stay in Korea in October and November, and plans to train domestically before the Asian Cup. "We are continuously considering good results," he replied.
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Thursday, September 7, 2023

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