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Grand Prix opening


Bagnaia was caught up in a terrible incident during the Grand Prix opening lap while leading the way after Ducati was sent off at turn 2.

The world championship leader then hit KTM's Brad Binder on the leg, and he couldn't do anything to avoid him.

Bagnaia was taken to a medical center before being taken to hospital with teammate Enea Bastianini.

Dr. Angel Sharte told Spanish television that Bagnaia was "fine" and appeared to be out of serious injury.

He will undergo a CAT test today to identify any "small injuries" detected and determine if they are old or new.

"Peco is fine," Dr. Charte told DAZN.

"He suffered severe trauma. A motorcycle passed through his femur and tibia.

"We took an X-ray and detected a small injury that we didn't know if it was current or old.

"We need to do an urgent CAT scan. It will be done at the Catalan hospital. Everything was normal at the level of the skull and chest. He was directed at [consciousness]

Team mate Bastianini suffered fractures to his left leg and left hand in the crash.

Dr. Scharte said, "Enhea has a left leg tibia fracture and a left hand metatarsal fracture.

"A tibial fracture may require surgery. They were both conscious and oriented.
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Monday, September 4, 2023

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