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Jamsil Stadium on the 2nd.

"Young 30 home run hitter born in 20 years" After Kim Tae-kyun in 2003, Noh Si-hwan in 2023...Hanhwa, Uta, big gun, Gye-bo

Jamsil Stadium on the 2nd. Hanwha lost 10-0 to LG the previous day and lost eight consecutive games. In a situation where he had to end his losing streak, young home run hitter Noh Si-hwan's bat erupted.

No Si-hwan, the third batter who entered his first at-bat after two outs in the first inning, played against LG starter Kim Yoon-sik. After watching the 144km fastball in the first pitch, he turned the bat as if he had been waiting when the second 143km fastball came in.

The ball hit the center of the bat directly hit the outfield fence of Jamsil Stadium, the widest in Korea. Noh Si-hwan, who ran to second base while hitting the fence and the ball flowed, revived his energy by performing a ceremony toward the dugout.

Roh Si-hwan, who finished warming up by hitting a long ball from his first at-bat, set a milestone in his third at-bat. After watching the first pitch slider against the changed pitcher LG Yoo Young-chan, he turned the bat as unstoppably as he did in his first at-bat when his second 148km fastball came in. The ball, which flew to the left-center side of the course, flew out of the fence and connected to a two-run shot. This season, 30 home runs, 120 meters from distance, 159 kilometers from batting speed, and 27 degrees from shooting angle.

Noh Si-hwan, who had not hit a home run in seven games since 29 home runs against KT on the 19th of last month, broke nine numbers in two weeks, signaling the birth of a 30-home run hitter.

When a young home run hitter under the age of 23 was born 20 years after Kim Tae-kyun, Hanwha colleagues welcomed Roh Si-hwan. Noh Si-hwan, who hit 30 home runs, smiled brightly at Lee Jin-young, who was holding a camera after entering the dugout.

Jang Jong-hoon 1991, Park Jae-hong 1996, Lee Seung-yeop 1997-1999, Kim Tae-kyun 2003, and Roh Si-hwan, who became the first 30-home run hitter under the age of 23 in 20 years since Kim Tae-kyun, is aiming for the home run king.

Hanwha succeeded in reversing the game by Lee Jin-young hitting a timely hit against LG closer Ko Woo-suk with two outs in the ninth inning. Closer Park Sang-eon escaped from eight consecutive losses by blocking LG Moon Bo-kyung, Oh Ji-hwan and Lee Jae-won with three outs.
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Sunday, September 3, 2023

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