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Del Lago Resorts & Casino Sees Worse Traffic Stagnation At Water

Concerns about increased traffic at the Waterloo Thruway exit have turned out to be true due to its proximity to Del Lago Resorts & Casinos. Not long ago, officials were warned about possible traffic problems related to the Del Lago Resort & Casino. According to reliable sources, the entertainment complex opened in February this year and has since faced serious traffic jams.

Frustrated residents claim city officials have not considered the changes caused by the construction of the Del Lago Resort & Casino. The situation is worsening with traffic at the Waterloo Thruway exit nearly doubling from before.

Increasing problems will only exacerbate the situation at Waterloo Through Exit. Just a year before casino accommodation opened to the public, 266,306 vehicles per month entered the Waterloo-Thru exit. Since opening earlier this year, the number of vehicles passing through the Waterloo-Thru exit has dramatically increased to 381,477, or 43%. Information is obtained from state authorities and does not cover winter.

To alleviate traffic problems, track officials expanded toll roads just before casinos opened to the public. But for those who use the road every day, heavy traffic and honking have become routine. Conservationists are concerned that traffic jams could be seen as the smallest problem. They explained that the increase in traffic leads to many negative consequences, including poor air quality, parking difficulties, and the demolition of public infrastructure.

Economic benefits easily outweigh costs
Jeff Babinski, vice president and general manager, explained that increased traffic is a sure sign that casinos are performing further, and that they are keeping their promise to revitalize Seneca County and boost tourism, as it promotes tourism.

Seneca County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Shipley backed Babinski's comments, adding that the casino was bigger than expected. Drago Resorts & Casino is expected to contribute $263 million in government revenue. Currently, the casino appears to be behind expectations at $100 million.

However, according to Gary Schlegel, president of Maji Restaurant on Route 414, casino venues stimulate local economic activity, support local small and medium-sized enterprises, significantly strengthen businesses and increase sales by 15%.
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Saturday, September 2, 2023

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