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British Columbia Deploys Deal Assessment Team In Casinos, Claims

A document obtained by Postmedia News through a Freedom of Information request claims police units will be tasked with cracking down on illegal gambling and organised crime in British Columbia casinos. This document provides more information on how the Deal Assessment Team operates. Separately, it claims that this year's audit reported that a "non-cash replacement" sponsored gambling account to prevent high returns from large cash transactions reported depositing money in questionable activities.

Unlike other documents obtained by Postmedia, the latest documents are revised, and Great Canada's legal claim that document leaks should be stopped because they hurt the company's reputation, and, as you can recall, Great Canada Gaming Corporation has come under heavy media criticism over Richmond's River Rock casino. The Canadian government has requested a review of all documents before they are made.

However, some of the recently released documents remain intact. According to this part of the text, there are plans to deploy special anti-crime police organizations in lower mainland casinos to minimize the presence of criminal networks in gambling life in the provinces. This is the result of the E-Pirate investigation into alleged money laundering for two individuals in B.C. and Richmond's advanced money transfer business.

E-Pirate research and government documents obtained by Postmedia show that over C$13 million worth of $20 bills flowed through River Rock casinos . The investigation found that most of the unsource cash was deposited from China's Hi-Rollers. The document also suggests that the bundle of money was borrowed from an underground bank. The entire plan has been internationally recognized as a "Vancouver Model."

The role of the team in fighting suspicious cash transactions
John Mazur, Deputy Secretary of BC Game Execution, said in a briefing earlier this year that he would highlight the introduction of the so-called transaction review team and push for the establishment of a BC game team, which, as its name suggests, will have difficulty stopping suspicious cash transactions.

The document section explaining how the transaction review team operates has been completely revised, but the team's mission to eradicate financial crimes is clear.
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Saturday, September 2, 2023

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