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British Columbia to introduce new measures to sweep all dirty ca

Just a few days ago, British Columbia Attorney General David Evey announced that Peter Jerman would expand the money laundering investigation at Lower Mainland casinos and include the real estate loan market. The statement comes shortly after Globe and Mail unveiled rampant money laundering activities through Vancouver's burgeoning property market. The investigation found that borrowers were using British Columbia's largest property market to invest in profitable properties and launder drug cash.

British Columbiaists made a bombshell after releasing a controversial casino report in September last year that newly elected British Columbiaists laundered money at River Rock casinos. Evie has vowed to crack down on white-collar crimes.

The province's top official announced the appointment of Peter Jerman, former deputy director of RCMP and Canada's Correctional Services, to lead an independent review of B.C.'s anti-money laundering policies and practices. The full German recommendation will be issued by the end of March this year.

B.C. government launches money laundering hunt with new rules
Money-laundering dramas have attracted quite a bit of media attention, with local and international media covering the latest trends on the subject, which the Globe and Mail, as it digs deep into the story, finds Vancouver's housing market to be used as a conduit for money-laundering activities.

The investigation found that 17 lenders held a CA$47 million stake in 45 properties in Vancouver. The lender involved in the fentanyl deal was able to launder dirty money by offering large cash loans and mortgages to Vancouver-area property owners, according to the Globe and Mail. Rich newcomers from China have been victims of these "real estate agents." For those wondering why wealthy people are asking for cash loans, the Chinese government has enacted new regulations on strict foreign currency remittances in relation to.

British Columbia Finance Minister Carol James said on Tuesday that foreigners would pay 20% tax in addition to listing value in the province. That way, residents of Canada's Pacific Coast region will be able to handle the real estate market more. The new measures are effective yesterday, and taxes on property speculators are expected to be introduced later this year.

The government will also crack down on beneficial ownership to ensure property owners, offshore trusts and hidden investors pay taxes on their actual profits. Mr James added that the government is working to bring more transparency to the dubious ownership record.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

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