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Kim Se-bin Will Be Nominated No. 1 Overall

But KOVO Holds Rookie Draft for 2023-24 Season

There are a total of 40 draft players. Thirty-nine are expected to graduate from high school and one is a university student. The main character is libero Lee Chae-eun, who will be drafted as an individual.

He graduated from Pohang Girls' High School and is currently active in the volleyball team of Gwangju Women's University.

Kim Se-bin (Hanbom High School) is considered the first candidate. Kim Se-bin is a "volleyball family" with Kim Chul-soo, head of the Korea Electric Power Corporation's volleyball team, and Kim Nam-soon, a former women's volleyball player, as his father and mother.

Kim Se-bin has been going through all national teams, including youth and youth, since middle school, and plays as a middle blocker, but he is considered a resource that can change his position with an outside heater.

Jeon Soo-min (Jeonju Geunyoung Girls' High School), Jung Soo-ji (Hanbom High School), Kwak Sun-ok (Ilshin Girls' High School), Park Soo-bin (Pohang Girls' High School), Yoo Ga-ram (Jecheon Girls' High School), and Shin Eun-ji (Jinju Myeong Girls' High School) are among the top candidates.

Based on the reverse order of last season's final rankings, players will be selected through a lottery with 35% of Pepper Savings Bank, 30% of IBK Industrial Bank, 20% of GS Caltex, 8% of KGC Ginseng Corporation (Director Red Sparks), 4% of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, 2% of Heungkuk Life Insurance, and 1% of Korea Expressway Corporation.

The right to nominate Pepper Savings Bank for the first round will be exercised by the Korea Expressway Corporation due to the trade of Lee Go-eun (Pepper Savings Bank). Pepper Savings Bank will take the nomination rights for the second round of the Korea Expressway Corporation.

Heungkuk Life's nomination rights for the first round were transferred to GS Caltex through a trade by Lee Won-jung (Heungkuk Life). Accordingly, Korea Expressway Corporation and GS Caltex can select two players each in the first round.

The draft is scheduled to be broadcast live on Naver. Also, this year's draft will be held for the first time on Sundays rather than weekdays.

It was scheduled for Sunday considering various schedules such as the opening of the V-League, the Asian Games, and the National Sports Festival
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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

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