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"I want to make a splendid debut at my first Asian Games."

Kim Woo-min, a four-time swimming champion, said, "I want to make a splendid debut at my first Asian Games."

Park Tae-hwan, a long-time South Korean swimming star, has won three gold medals twice on the Asian Games stage.

Kim Woo-min (21, Gangwon Provincial Government), who will be on the Asian Games stage for the first time in his life, dreams of winning four gold medals in the tournament that even "Marine Boy" Park Tae-hwan could not achieve.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open in September, Kim Woo-min is determined to race gold in three individual events, including 400m, 800m and 1500m freestyle, and in the 800m relay, a team event.

Kim Woo-min brightened the prospects for the Asian Games by showing off his advanced skills at the Fukuoka World Swimming Championships, which ended last month.

Kim Woo-min broke his personal best in the men's 400-meter freestyle preliminary round (3:44.50) and the final (3:43.92). He was the only Asian player to reach the final stage.

In the 800-meter freestyle, he recorded 7 minutes and 47.69 seconds, breaking the previous Korean record held by Park Tae-hwan. Although he did not advance to the final with 14th place overall, he left the best performance among Asian players.

Kim Woo-min confidently said, "The most confident event is the 400m freestyle," at the D-30 Media Day at the Asian Games held at Jincheon National Training Center in North Chungcheong Province on the 24th. "As I recorded 3 minutes and 43 seconds this year, I'm confident that I'll take the first place."

The key is the 1,500-meter freestyle, which is called the marathon of swimming. Kim Woo-min said, "The most difficult event is the 1,500m freestyle, and the mid-to-late race is very important. "I'm training hard to do well in that part," he said.

Kim Woo-min said, "As it is my first Asian Games, I want to make a splendid debut. "I will also enjoy the burden of winning four awards and overcome it together," he said.

Kim Woo-min has a strong will to win the 800m relay with his teammates. Kim Woo-min was the only Asian country to reach the final and finish sixth, teaming up with Hwang Sun-woo, Yang Jae-hoon and Lee Ho-joon to break South Korea's best record.

Kim Woo-min said, "The momentum is very good right now. It also broke a new Korean record this year. I think there is only one thing left to show in the Asian Games. "Everyone is training hard," he said, expressing confidence.
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Thursday, August 24, 2023

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